Artiphon Instrument 1: Now Make Your Own Music

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We All love music and aspire to to play a music instrument one day. Artiphon Instrument 1 is an electronic device that takes from of a Guitar, Piano, Drum, Violin and more. The electronic device becomes almost any instrument that you wish to play and can be connected to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Artiphon Instrument 1 is a multipurpose electronic device that can be played like Guitar, Piano, Violin and plenty of other musical instruments.


Image Source: Kickstarter


The instrument is build with a vision to let anyone make music of their own and explore music-making in their every-day lives. Artiphon is a multipurpose electronic tool that promises to be, “any instrument you want it to be”. The  Artiphon Instrument 1 debut as a kickstarter campaign this week and got $80,000 in just six hours on it’s first day. Till the time over “1228 backers have pledged over $459480” and their are still 34 days left for the funding to start.

How does Artiphon Instrument 1 Looks Like

The Artiphon Instrument 1 looks pretty, just like fret board with head and body, consisting of a bridge, speaker, volume controller and preset buttons so that change to instruments mode you want to play. Artiphon is also creating an companion App so that, you can customize your own instruments and add new instruments, create presets and play them immediately.


Image Source: Kickstarter


Artiphon Instrument 1 is based on multi-instrument technology, which has a digital string like interface- that functions through musical gestures such as tapping, bowing, sliding, strumming and a lot more. The instrument works with music creation software MIDI, which is a Universal software used to make music and can be connected with plenty of music-making apps like Garageband, Animog and more.

The instrument is designed such that you can play it like a Guitar, on your lap if you want to play like keyboard, on your shoulder if you are violinist, If you are a drummer you can transform your Artiphon Instrument 1 into drum machine and a lot more.

Key Features of Artiphon Instrument 1

  • Single Knob for mode Switching and volume
  • Rechargeable battery with 3 hrs backup
  • Stereo Speakers at each Ends of the instruments
  • Pressure and velocity-sensitive Fingerboard
  • USB port to connect with your smartphones and Computers
  • Jack for hreadphones and mic input
  • Built-in Presets and custom Presets
  • 6 Digital strings with 12 optional frets
  • Play Music Beyond Touch Screen

Bonus: An Introductory Video of Artiphon Instrument 1

Wrapping Up: Artiphon Instrument 1

The Device looks very cool and interesting with an Idea to turn you into musician, with plenty of features and specifications under its hood. Artiphon Instrument1 will be available in three different colors black,white and a special Nashville edition. The Starting price of Instrument is $349 expected to ship at the start of 2016. Now play any instrument you love, create your own music and become a RockStar.