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This new technology let Artificial Intelligence work without Internet.

Latest Invention in Artificial Intelligence!

Astonished! Yes, this can actually happen. Researchers of University of Waterloo, Toronto, Canada have developed novel technology which can let artificial Intelligence work without Internet.

Artificial Intelligence is going to rule the world by 2030.

AI is one of the most researched areas by scientists and researchers. New technologies are developed and experimented for further enhanced developments.Their latest inventions are like drones, flying cars, self-driving cars, robots and many more.

They have started developing new tiny materials so as to embed them into bigger projects and make them more functional.

Same way researchers at the University of Waterloo, Canada have developed new novel technology which is going to be of utmost use.

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Using this technology researchers produced a software-based upon deep-learning artificial intelligence that will be efficient to fit in everything from robots to smartphones. This will reduce the transmission costs and data processing time and also provide more privacy.

Results of this technology were displayed at International Conference on Computer Vision in Italy by Mohammad Javad Shafiee, Professor at the varsity. The results displayed that the software comprises of a virtual assistant which is activated whenever the chip is embedded in a smartphone or any other device. The virtual assistant and the other intelligent features embedded in this software helps reducing data usage and operate without internet.

Alexander Wong, a professor at the University of Waterloo said “We feel this has enormous potential. This could be an enabler in many fields where people are struggling to get deep-learning AI in an operational form,”

Deep Learning AI:

Deep learning artificial intelligence process the data through layers of neurons and imitate the human brain. It also requires power, memory, and energy to perform all the functions same as human do. Researchers tried to change environments and gather the results.

This technology will let devices operate without internet while using AI. This will help users to get a break from the internet which will also enhance their privacy.

Till now all the inventions are done with help of Internet as Internet has become the backbone of technology. This latest technology will surely bring a rapid change and more inventions will be tried upon so as to reduce dependability upon the Internet.

Novel technology will enhance the privacy and will thou gain more trust of their users.

Lastly, Mohammad Javad Shafiee, from the University of Waterloo, regarded that, “These networks evolve themselves through generations and make themselves smaller to be able to survive in these environments”.