Apple’s iMessage App Is New Business Chat Paltform For Users

Each day of WWDC 2017 is unfolding a new tech gadget or a tech application for all the tech freaks across the globe. On the last day of the WWDC, Apple came up with a brilliant Business Chat Platform called the iMessage app. The chat bot has been designed to take on the market share of the Facebook Messenger. Moreover, iMessage is a useful and powerful way to connect directly with the customers through messages.

Furthermore, this new messaging platform will be compatible with all the iOS 11 enabled gadgets. Customers can ask questions, solve queries, resolve issues and can complete the transactions using their iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. Hence with the release of iOS 11 later this year, users can successfully use the new iMessage app through their Apple gadgets.

This Business Chat platform not only connects you with your customers but also allows you to make purchases through Apple Pay. Furthermore, this feature will allow the users to make purchases without actually leaving the chat. As of now only the developer preview of the iMessage is available but we will certainly experience the working of the app later this year.

Let’s move further and explore the working of the iMessage app.

  • Requirements For Operations(iMessage App)

    iMessage app

    To enable the Business Chat Platform, it is very important to have an iOS operating system in your devices such as the iPad or the iPhone. Moreover, you can find the business on Siri, Maps, Safari and Spotlight search.


  • Linking Customers(iMessgae App)

    iMessage App

  • The iMessage app will link you with your customers in such way that customers will have all the liberty to ask questions, make purchases and schedule appointments. The purchases can be made through Apple Pay without actually leaving the chat.


  • Personal Calendars(iMessage App)

    iMessage app

    Furthermore, the iMessage app gives liberty to the users or the customers to schedule the events according to their personal calendars. Hence this will allow the customers to avoid conflicts in their schedules.The app also gives a list of the products to the users and the customers to choose from. The items in stock will pop up in the chat and will prevent the opening of any other window. Moreover, predictive text is another useful feature for all the customers that can load a type ahead messages like phone number and address while chatting.


  • iMessage Extensions(iMessage App)

    imessage app

    iMessage app will enable customers to download standalone apps for certain piece of information that cannot move via text. Furthermore, iMessage extensions come in full support to perform complex tasks for the customers. This means you will be able to select a seat for yourself in a concert. Hence the customer can have their own chatbots within the iMessage Business Chatbot.


  • Customer Support(iMessage App)

    imessage app

  • Apple will be giving a humongous platform to the customers using iMessage app. This Business Chatbot will be working to integrate various customer support platforms like Genesys, Nuance and LivePerson. These customer support platforms will certainly be boosting the services of the iMessage app.



The iMessgae business chat is a simple yet very powerful chatting platform for the business to develop and cherish. On the last day of  WWDC 2017, Apple only revealed the developer preview. Furthermore, to boost your business and be a part of this chatting feature you can register here.


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