The Anticipated Surface Pro 5 Is Actually The New Microsoft Surface Pro

A few weeks ago at Microsofts conference, their Corporate Vice President, Microsft Devices Mr. Panos Panay gave us a hint regarding the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro on 23 May 2017 at Shanghai. Since then all the tech geeks were excitingly anticipating this new device and were quite instrumental in spreading the rumor about its features and name.

Amidst all the rumors Microsoft was busy unveiling its new surface laptop in the New York City on 2 May 2017. Students were the target customers of the Surface Laptop and it is a success amongst them. Whereas the new Microsoft Surface Pro is the most versatile laptop. Furthermore, it will be quite useful to the professionals, students and for studio activities. Giving all the credits to its unique design, the Microsoft Surface Pro can function both as a tablet and as a  laptop.

Before we move further and discuss the features of the Surface Pro. Let us first clear the air about its name. Mr. Panay was quite clear on the Surface Pro launch that none of the device names is Surface Pro 5.

  • Versatile Microsoft Surface Pro

microsoft surface pro

Microsoft is bidding it as the most versatile laptop ever. By opening the built-in Kickstand and the new surface pro signature type cover with Alcantara material it turns into a laptop. Furthermore, the responsive keyboard gives a brilliant user experience. Moreover, the surface pen enables it to work best in the studio mode for designing, writing and drawing. Furthermore, just close the Kickstand, remove the surface pro signature type cover and then the Surface Pro Intel tablet is ready to use.


  • Design Of Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft surface pro

Microsoft Surface Pro has brilliant colors and razor-sharp resolution on the 12.3″ pixel sense display. The screen has 267ppi and 3:2 aspect ratio. The PixelSense Accelerator enhances the color. Its screen responds marvelously to the touch and the surface pen. Furthermore, it is the lightest surface pro ever. It weighs just 1.7lbs and is 8.55mm thin. Hence it is even lighter than its bag. Its light weight and ultra slim features make it quite mobile and user-friendly. You can work on it anywhere and can travel with it easily. 99% of the space in the laptop is under the use.


  • Most Powerfull Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro has 13.5 hrs of battery life. This means you can spend a day at your workplace without the charger. Furthermore, the powerful 7th generation processor and 16 GB RAM supports full desktop apps and creative tools for the studio. Moreover, Surface Pro m3 and i5 models have a fanless cooling system. The i7 model has a hybrid cooling system which allows peaceful streaming and telecast of your favorite shows or movies.

Microsoft will be putting all its efforts to make Surface Pro a transformative device. And for this, they are using LTE Advanced technology. Microsoft is aiming to give its customers a laptop with performance, battery, sleek design and LTE.


  • Essential Tools Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Surface Pen is the most essential and responsive Pen by Microsoft. The Surface Pen has 4096 pressure points with new tilt functionality. Furthermore, the pen has 21 milliseconds of latency. Moreover, it gives an incredible inking experience to the artists and the mobile professionals. It is four times more pressure sensitive and twice accurate than the previous Surface Pen. Microsoft is aiming to make it the fastest Surface Pen ever.

The PixelSense Accelerator and the Surface Pen together makes the writing experience almost identical to writing on the paper. This technology catches every expression of the artist and each movement of the pen. Hence the artist feels like he/she is painting on the canvas. Surface Pen gives you tilt and enables you to do shading on the Surface Pro. Furthermore, you can easily take notes on the Surface Pro through the Surface Pen at your workplace.

  • Software Behind Surface Pen (Microsoft Surface Pro)

Microsoft surface pro

Microsoft in collaboration with the office was responsible for creating the amazing software behind the working of Surface Pro. The software takes full advantage of the hardware in Surface Pro and Surface Pen and creates amazing inking features. You can use this technology with all your office 365 apps on any device. Furthermore, it gives amazing support for tilt and shading as well.


  • New App On Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft has come up with a new Microsoft Whiteboard App on Surface Pro. This app will enable you to do live multi-device inking across the family of Surface Devices. This way you will be able to collaborate with work, family, and friends in a better way. Slowly surface and office will certainly be delivering a better user experience to its customers.

  • The Best Keyboard (Microsoft Surface Pro)

Microsoft Surface pro

Microsoft Pro is having the best keyboard ever. And the new Signature Type Cover is adding to the features of the keyboard. The high-quality scissor mechanism gives a stable typing experience. Moreover, 1.3mm of key travel enables faster and correct typing. Furthermore, the Signature Pro Type covers make the typing easier, comfortable and accurate.


Surface Pro is a Windows 10 operated device. Its price begins at $799.99. You can make the pre-orders here. The Signature Type Cover is available in Cobalt Blue, Burgandy, and Platinum.

Furthermore, your Surface Pro can easily turn into a desktop workstation with two 4k monitors and four USB ports. Microsoft is all set to rule the market with its Surface Pro and it will certainly be a key player in deciding the future of laptops.

Video Source: YouTube

Image Source: Google