Android O: New Version of Android Developer Preview By Google

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Well! Here is an exciting piece of news for all the Android fans out there. Google is out with the developer preview of the latest version of Android operating system(Android os). It will be called as Android O aka Android 8.0.

According to a new research, Android is now the world’s largest operating system. It is way ahead of both windows and iOS.

Android is in your, T.V, computer, tablet, phone. This means it is literally everywhere hence Google has to frequently come up with new updates. The last version of Android, Android N was released in 2016 as Android Nougat and we are expecting to hear about the features of Android O in the month of May, 2017.

Post Android Alpha and Android Beta, Google has been naming its Android OS updates after sweet treats like Cupcake, Doughnut, Eclairs etc and now we can expect this new Android O to be also named after mouth watering treat. You are free to guess.

Here is the first release of the features of the latest version of Android operating system, Android O by Google. It basically is the developer preview. We will take a short ride to find out What is Android O?


  • New Settings App In Android O

android O

The settings app has a new look with a new icon and a smarter arrangement.

 Slide out menu is not there, hence all return navigation is done via back button.

 Suggestion tab is at the top, it makes navigating the app much more convenient.

It will cut down on the frequency with which you search for something you are not able to find.

  • Surprising Notification Shade In Android O

android O

 Google has come up with some useful changes.

Adding some more icons in the status bar including battery, wi-fi, SD card status, percentage.

Long press on one and you can get an option to disable notification for that app rather than just silencing them.

After swiping right you can see a new clock icon that let you snooze it for 15 mins, 30 mins and then for an hour.

  • Controlled Notifications In Android O

android O

 This new feature called Notification Channel enables you to have more control over what you see and what apps can send you.

Notification channel lets you select which  type of alerts you want to get from each app.

You can choose to only get audible alerts you want to get from each app.

It makes notifications quite manageable.

  •  Security Surveillance In Android O

android O

 Google has taken measures to ensure that malicious apps can’t make their way onto your phone.

 In Android O this security is even more enhanced.

The app will not be able to install anything without your permission and the chances of installing them a piece of malware on your phone are reduced.

  • Visual Within Another Visual In Android O

android O

If you have been using Android Nougat, then you must be enjoying this feature in your T.V .

This time Google will bring in this feature to your phones and tablets.

The feature puts a tiny window on your screen and you can continue watching what you were watching before while working in other apps.

It will stay till the time you maximize it or close it.

  • Lovely Badges! In Android O

android O


The feature in iOS of ‘icon badges’ can be seen in the notifications setting in Android O as well.

With a new ‘show badge’ toggle for each app .

 It enables you to choose an unread counter on the accompanying home screen app.

  •  More navigation buttons In Android O

android O

It is not certain what features Google is going to allow in the final product.

But there are options for clipboard, key board switcher as well key code.

These can be combined with either a circle, plus, minus cursor or a menu icon.

 You can also change the layout to be compact, left leaning or right leaning.

  • Screen Locking Shortcuts In Android O

android O


There is a new lock screen option that enables you to change the left and the right shortcut to just about anything you want.

Along with launching one of the apps of your phone, you can add shortcuts for actions like opening a new tab in chrome, taking a selfie etc.

It can be one of the best launch so far.

  • Strong Battery In Android O

android O

Android O will see how often background apps can locate your current location.

And will track the battery exhausting activity in background services.

Certain settings will also change to put important options saver and adaptive brightness front and center.

  • Password Manager With Autofill In Android O

android O


In Android O you will be using password manager.

It will integrate a secure auto fill method.

Will quickly allow you to log into the app you are using.

Will make the work more fast and effortless.

Like all the marvellous inventions across the globe, Android O from Google will be magical and will add splendour in our phoning experience.

 You can download the developer preview here:

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Image Source:Google

Video Source: Youtube