Amazon Alexa Making Smart Homes: Echo Features

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Amazon Echo Speaker, one of the well known iconic revolution in the world of technology is using Artificial Intelligence to empower our homes and lives. Its virtual voice assistant, Amazon Alexa is the driving force behind Amazon Echo.

The latest update in Amazon Echo speaker is the Amazon Echo Show. Furthermore this device will have all the features of the Echo along with a display video on a 7 inch touchscreen. This new device will sell for $229 and will ship from June 28, 2017.

amazon alexa

There are a lot of things an Echo device can do, we have a compilation of some of the phenomenal tasks Alexa can perform.

  • Alexa App Enables Phone Calls(Amazon Alexa)

Amazon Echo can let you talk to people across the globe through Alexa app. Just download the app on your android device and you can make calls to any Echo device. Moreover like the answering machines you can also leave a message.


  • Checks Your Fitness(Amazon Alexa)

You just have to sync your Fitness Tracker Bands with Alexa and then ask Alexa to ask Fitness Tracker Bands about your fitness stats. Furthermore you can time your workouts with Alexa. And can also keep a check on your calorie intake.

  • Makes A Smart Home(Amazon Alexa)

Alexa skills can transform your home into a smart home. It can turn on and off your lights as well can control the closing and opening of the automatic doors in your house.  Furthermore you can ask Alexa to change the temperature inside your house. Honeywell, Ecobee work well with Alexa for controlling temperatures.


  • Perfect For Kids(Amazon Alexa)

Alexa can answer all kind of questions for the kids. It has a range of the games for entertaining children perfect for their Birthday parties. Wayne investigation, The Magic Door, Earplay are some of the games Amazon has chosen for Alexa. Moreover, it can play your child’s favorite music. You can set timers and can ask Alexa for trivia for children.

  • Your Favorite News(Amazon Alexa)

You can hear the latest news update everyday through Flash Briefing. Which has BBC or the Associated Press as in built default channels. You can also customize the news channels in Alexa. Hence just ask Alexa to tell you the top stories of the day and Alexa will start playing it for you.


  • TV Controls(Amazon Alexa)

Like everything else Alexa has the power to control your TV as well. Alexa makes you forget your remote, for this you just have to enable some settings in Alexa. You need to buy a Logitech Harmony Remote that come with Harmony Hub. Then tell Alexa to turn on and off your TV . Furthermore Alexa can turn to your favorite channel and can pause the same through a voice command.

  • Set Default Music Player(Amazon Alexa)

Since Alexa is an Amazon product hence it will play music through Amazon music player. But you can change the settings to have your own default music player like Pandora. Furthermore you can also sync your iTunes with Echo devices


  •  Cooking Guide(Amazon Alexa)

You can tell Alexa to find  your favorite recipe and Alexa can guide you with precise measurements required in cooking as well. Furthermore Alexa can set timer and temperature of some of the cooking devices. Great isn’t it.


Amazon Echo devices are the hot selling AI device on Amazon and are certainly making our lives simpler and more entertained.


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