What is 5G? Benefits of 5G over 4G.

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Upcoming Inventions in Technology!

The most Influential thing that exists today is Technology and its upcoming inventions. Daily a new thing is invented or the existing ones are modified. Same comes when we talk about wireless technology.

The wireless technology evolved in 1980’s with 1G( Ist generation) and today in 2017 we are talking about 5G(5th generation) that is a huge success.


What is 5G and why it will rule the world?


After 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE now comes 5G. It is the fifth generation of wireless network that is expected to be launched in 2020 in India and rest of the world. 5G will be based upon the combination of the existing wireless technologies like GSM, Wi-Fi, LTE etc and the new radio access technologies.

5G will bring higher capacity than the existing 4G network. It is expected to increase the data rates beyond 1gb per second and will provide higher broadband density to the users.It is estimated that peak download rate of data will be of 20/Gbits and upload rate will be of 10G/bits. There will be low latency and low battery consumption while using 5G that means it will increase the battery life upto 10 years and reduce network energy usage by 90%. Several hundreds and thousands of computers will be able to access simultaneous connections at a very high rate. Spectral efficiency will also be increased in 5Gnetwork.

5Gnetwork will benefit the telecommunication sector to a great extent. It will provide better usage of smartphones by increasing their speed. It will introduce VR( virtual reality) and AR( Augmented reality) in smartphone sector.

5G will also bring a biggest change by starting the era of driverless smart cars and smart homes.

The leading telecommunication giants like Apple, Airtel, BSNl, Nokia have already started working with 5G technology and will probably bring huge surprises.

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5G network will benefit not only business person but also the commoners. There are several new things that will emerge along with 5Gnetwork making it more reliable and efficient.

Here are some of the things we will be benefited with:

  • Greater speed(enough to download a movie in few seconds)
  • Greater capacity(1,000 times capacity of 4G)
  • Reduced Latency(stop delays)
  • Provide high resolution and larger bandwidth
  • It will gather networks on one platform
  • Lower battery consumption
  • Simultaneous connections can work together
  • Provide uninterrupted and consistent connectivity.
  • Allow access to parallel multiple services
  • Remote place access grant
  • Detect natural disasters



Unlike advantages there are some of the disadvantages too. As research is going on and technology is still under process so it is difficult to estimate the exact scenario. But some of the expected things doesn’t seem possible with coming time. We mention them below:





  • Unsupported technology in several parts of world may not allow huge speed increase
  • Radio signal problems
  • Old devices not competent with 5Gtechnology
  • High cost investment for infrastructure
  • Security and privacy issue.


Benefits of 5G over 4G

5Gtechnology will come up with advanced functionalities as compared to 4G. As we know the data bandwidth in 4G is 2Mbps to 1Gbps, 5G network will allow greater bandwidth i.e higher than 1Gbps. The frequency band will also be very high as compared to 4G.

As 4G uses technologies like seamless integration of broadband LAN, WAN, MAN  , unified IP etc 5G network will use these technologies with advanced ones based on OFDM modulation. It will follow CDMA and BDMA standards. It will allow dynamic information access, HD streaming and will work on-demand.

There will be many more changes which will evolve when 5G Technology with come into existence. Still we can just estimate what will be provided to us.