Top 5 Alternate Email Apps for Mobile

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Checking your emails & staying on top of all your conversations can be a real pain while on the move, especially on your mobile devices. I mean, They are good for answering “Yes”, “OK”, “Good” or even few more words. But when you have to draft real emails with proper formatting, It hurts. You always look for a bigger screens like your computer, laptop or tablets. And if you are someone who gets a lot of emails & reply on your phones & other mobile devices, You will understand exactly what I am talking about.

It is ideal to say that the default email clients work best for most people on the smartphones whether they use iPhone or Android (The 2 most popular platforms). But there is always some scope for improvement and innovators who come up with ideas to help a user and improve the experience, always know about this fact. So without saying that the default email applications are crap, I am trying to write a list of 5 top email apps as alternatives to default email apps on Android & iPhone.

While choosing these helpful new apps for the smartphones, I have kept 3 basic rules in my mind and all the 5 contenders follow the rules(As far as I think). Here is the set of rules I tried to imply to every app which is in this list:

  1. The app should be available on both platforms. If its an iPhone only or Android only app, Its not considered.
  2. The app should have something new & innovative. Not just another app to check my mails.
  3. The app should let me use the email account of my choice. Don’t want to create another account for sure.

The above rules will make sure you are not stuck with 1 side of the coin if influenced by this post & You have something new & innovative in your hands. So here we go.

It consider itself as the first ever Mobile Only email service which comes with short & sweet email address like “” or “”. To get the email ID, you will have to install the app & register from there as a user. Of-course you can add use it with you other email address like gMail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook & even IMAP/POP. It saves all your passwords to the cloud and sends you unique code via SMS when you need to sign in. It does so to save you the hassle of adding accounts again & again or remembering the passwords. Also, it comes with a lot of space and additional features like

  • Smart Push notifications which can control almost any way from settings
  • Avatars for your contact, icons for services and colored letters for people who don’t have images assigned
  • Flat Design & Easy to use interface with a lot of swipe & tap features
  • Smart contacts, Custom search & better protection

Here is the promotional video for you to get inspired



Here comes an email which gets work done, At least according to the creators. The biggest feature or the main attraction for this app is something it called “Cards”. It has a card for everything from Evernote to Zendesk to Pocket to Salesforce. So, basically it can connect your email data for a specific email to one of those big cloud applications as required by you. The complete list of cards can be found the the website, which I think have listed every data management company. So the quote for the company goes, There is a card for that. Other than the cards features you get a good list of features which are targeted to people who are more in to productivity or who wants to get things done. So, below is a list of positive features of CloudMagic apart from cards

  • Wonderful Cloud App Integration with Cards
  • Simple & Effective Design
  • Avatars for your contacts
  • Works with all of the email providers

And here is the promotional video of Cards/Cloud Magic



SquareOne is the next contender for the top alternate app on your mobile device. This app promises to take the stress away from your email. How it does that? By deviding your mailbox in to various Folders/Sections/Areas which can sort your emails by these groups. And you have complete control over the notifications you get from these groups. Meaning if you just want to be notified for the mail from a potential investor, you can do that. If you want to keep ignoring your girlsfriend’s or ex-girlfriend’s messages, You can do that. And that is done through the very easy to use & innovative user interface. It is done using a simple swipe over the group on your dashboard. You can also, sort emails, easily to the groups using just a swipe. So, the core feature for the SquareOne mail is that it gives you what you want & when you want. Here is a list of things appreciable in the app

  • Smart Message Sorting
  • Innovative & Clean UI
  • Flat design with Avatars for your contacts
  • Works with all of the email providers

Below is a promotional video to inspire you to get SquareOne



Now comes the app which made ripples by the $100 million exit to Dropbox, The Mailbox App. The app is undoubtedly lightest on your phone resources and makes it a breeze for you to glide through the messages & archiving them and trashing them. You can even hide certain messages for the time being if you don’t want to deal with them. For example, A work email which can not answer unless you are on your desk, but the presence of that mail being there is bothering you. You can simple put it to sleep for the time your reach your office. Here are few basic things I like about Dropbox’s $100 million Mailbox

  • Clean, Simple & Effective Design
  • Easy on phone resources
  • Better User Experience
  • Message sleep system
  • Built-in AI which helps you with repetitive tasks

No Promotional Video found for MailBox App



Lastly, another good contender who brought something new to the table apart from being blue(Just Joking), Apart from multiple account support. The app is very clean yet visually rich with things like importance markers in red, yellow, blue and other colors. It also makes it a soothing experience for you to jump between accounts and prioritize your mails. You can actually turn your inbox in to priority based ToDo list. Available for most of the Android & iPhone devices, this app lets your personalize your app experience vastly. Below is the list of features I loved

  • Converts your Inbox to a TODO list
  • Clean & Simple, yet Visually Rich
  • Support for multiple accounts & Avatars for contacts
  • Prioritize mails & notifications

No Promotional Video found for Blue Mail


So who won?

No one, This is just a small list of Innovative mail apps available out there for both platforms. You may feel some good ones are missing or some bad ones are added. But according to the criteria opted for the search, these 5 were the best I could find out there till this day. Many new ventures are trying to best what is already there and many have tried. These ones were just the shining stars from the long list of “New Approaches”. Also, these 5 apps are just top 5, It is on to you to decide which one is best. There is a reason this list does not say, Numbers 1 to 5. If you think you can sort the list or Add more, Please use the comment box below to give your opinion.

Also, for any new start-ups out there who want to develop their own mobile apps for these 2 platforms, I would like to encourage you get in touch with our sponsor, DesignersX for your Mobile App Development.