Be your own Travel Guide with these 5 Apps

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The number of five-star rated travel applications is reaching astronomical proportions. They are all extremely useful, handy, and witty and apparently provide you with on-the-spot info and first-person reviews on what to do, where to go, what to eat and where to sleep. Some of them, like Airbnb and Tripadviser are well known in traveler circles. This guide will present five promising new apps that yet have to earn their wings. They are on the right track.
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An app that learns

Among apps that focus on trip recommendations and travelers’ reviews, this app really stands out. Nara is a sort of a personal discovery engine. Its creators loaded it with intelligent algorithms so it can make connections between places you visited and learn about your travelling preferences. It will use that info to recommends you hotels, restaurants and many other places that you like, putting them on the top of your search lists. You can give thumbs up or thumbs down to the recommendations it gives you, so it can continue to personalize its content.

Real time location hints

The problem with online reviews is that there are just so many of them that reading through them takes time and a lot of patience. Locish is an innovative app that seeks to improve that. Instead of giving you reviews like “cool place, bro” or “cheap drinks”, Locish asks you the right questions and gives you tailored answers. Upon signing up, the app starts with simple questions and gives you recommendations based on your answers. Another great feature is that you can ask direct questions and the locals who have the app installed on their devices can give you directions and hints where to go.

How much did I pay?

With an app like this, travelers have so much less to worry about. Trippeo is an expense tracking app that is optimized for business travelers, but it is a valuable add-on for every traveler’s phone. Its smart features are designed with mobile use in mind. It can automatically capture your travel expenses and let you share them with your manager or financial department when you return. The app’s intelligent scanner mode lets you capture receipt details like vendor’s name, date and the total.

My friend’s friends are mine as well

This amusing app is based on so called “Tribe” concept. Based on what venues and places you have visited, Gogobot will place you in one of Tribes – groups of people with similar travel styles and interests. For example if you travel with your girlfriend or boyfriend a lot, the app will give you more recommendations that might be interesting for couples.

Take a hike

This review ends with a cute hikers’ app called AllTrails. Its database contains over 50,000 trails across North America wilderness together with the growing stack of route maps and geo-tagged photos. With filters like difficulty, location and activity, this is pretty much an “all in one” app. Once you finish your adventure, you can give your rating to the trail that you completed.

What makes an app comprehensive is the amount of different features that it offers. We can see that the latest travel apps trend towards high customization and data priority based on personal preferences. Express yourself below in comments!