Top 6 Free Website Templates Compatible To All Devices

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Are looking for some free website templates for your new project? Then your search ends here because we have a list of some of the best free website templates. These are carefully chosen to offer you help as professional website templates and can be useful for your personal website as well. Great isn’t it!!

Some of the templates feature as an online tool while some are downloadable  or even printable website templates. They save ample amount of time from drawing layouts or creating any professional product. Furthermore free responsive website templates are quite popular with the users.

The free website templates we are presenting here are also known as free HTML5 website templates.

Come let us explore these website design templates and you can pick the one suitable to your project.

free website templates

  • Eleganter (Free website templates)

free website templates

Eleganter is also known as Elegant Business Website Template.

It is one of the best HTML5 template.

Looks great on every device whether phone, tablet or desktop.

Offers many variations on page templates.

Furthermore has a perfect template for blog.

There Scroll loading Effect is animated.

Marvelous Skills bar animation with animated typing.

Responsive image and video light box.

Responsive pricing tables.


  • Interface Sketch (Free Website Templates)

free website templates

Interface is free sketch web design template, mobile and tablet platforms.

Hence these website design templates will help you in bringing your ideas to a piece of paper.

These free website templates are PDF files and contain multiple pages and layouts.

Just download these simple website templates, print out the pages and start sketching.

Furthermore you can download the website template images and can create your own sketch sheets.

These images are in SVG format hence you can edit them in Adobe illustrator, Inkscape, Corel draw, Xara Photo and Graphic designer.

It is advisable to save the website design templates in your computer rather than viewing them in the browser.

Download Template:


  • Responsive fashion Blog Template(Free Website Templates)

free website templates

It is a free responsive fashion blog website design template.

Moreover it offers latest and super stylish designs in blogger template.

This template offers premium design blogger theme, ideal for photography or picture based blogs.

It is super elegant, 100% responsive with web potability.

This website design template has soratemplates, themexpose and veethemes etc.

  • Responsive sketchsheets by ZURB(Free website Templates)

free website templates

This is a free website design template that guides you to see how your website will look on different screen sizes.

The sketchsheets makes it very easy to design responsive sites.

It helps you work through the elements that may change in responsive layout such as navigation and off-canvas layout.

There are two files in the sketchsheets folder, the PDF file with original sketchsheets and responsive PDF.



  • Prospera(Free website templates)

free website templates

Compatible to every device and looks great on it.

Moreover it offers many variants of page templates to the user.

Magazine page template is simply beautiful.

This website design template is basically a business website design template and has tons of reusable elements.

It offers amazing scroll loading effects.

Furthermore it has Animated typing and skill bars animation.

It has responsive counting tables with count to animation, image/video lightbox and functional Ajax Contact etc.



  • Sneakpeekit(Free website Templates)

free website templates

Sneakpeekit offers some good sketch sheet templates to speed up your creative process of designing a website.

It has an A4 precision grid template with column marks ideal for website wireframes as well as icons, font and logo design.

Moreover it has a single web browser where you can sketch your site pages. It is available with or without dots.

Furthermore it has four mini browser frames, they speed up the processing of your ideas. This is also available with or without dots.

It also has templates for app designing on mobile phones, desktop and tablets.



Hopefully my endeavor to find some of the best free website templates to make your work appealing, will generate positive results.

These website designs templates and sketches are professional website templates. They are quite user friendly and they offer a free website template download. 

So Guys, Go and check out these lovely website design templates.