Top 5 Best CRM According To Your Business Requirement.

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Are You looking for Automated System or CRM to Manage and Grow your Business?

Business will always succeed if you have a good relationship with your customers. I am going to share 5 Best CRM which may satisfy your needs according to your Business Requirements. In today’s time, you communicate with your customers in countless ways to sell your products and maintain a healthy relationship. A happy customer tells the world about you through many social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp, Twitter etc. You cannot take a risk of losing a customer or earning a bad review when your competitors are everywhere.

This is where a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes in handy. It is the process of tracking and analyzing all of the interactions you have with your customers and thus build a strong relationship with your customer.
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The biggest advantage of a CRM application is that it lets you categorize customers as per their expectations, and give attention to prospective buyers. Every Business has a different level of work and Customer’s for implementing CRM it is very much important to take these conditions in the Mind.

Let Discuss Top 5 Best CRMs with their Pros, Cons, and Usage.



When we talk about CRMs, Salesforce is the Best CRM and undisputed king of the market. Where Salesforce alone covers around 25% of market share in 2016. A wide range of customers from small business to large enterprises, people like its sales, marketing, and service management capabilities, which are only available in the cloud.

Some awesome features of Salesforce:
a) Dashboards: You will find all the meaningful information in an organized manner on your dashboard which is completely customizable. When you log in, the dashboard will give you wide range of reports and a view of how is your business is performing. You can customize the dashboard to show you everything from key opportunities, team summaries, leaderboards, sales numbers etc.

b) Full Customer Profiles: Salesforce provides a full detailed customer profile to its users. It includes every bit of information from account history, important contacts, previous interactions, assets they possess, partners involved with the project, sales data, key relationships, and noteworthy documents.

c) Marketing Campaigns: Salesforce CRM lets you manage a whole marketing campaign. It can help you set up email marketing, Google Adwords, manage the campaign across all social media platforms, and route leads obtained from the campaign by different individuals.

d) Salesforce CRM is Highly preferred for the Ecommerce Business in which they act as a backbone for collecting whole data or subscriber which are added day by day or time to time.

e) Chatter: Salesforce has its own chatter which works across both iOS and Android platform. It is helpful for the better and secure conversation with our team inside the Salesforce for giving several updates and information. if you want to setup Salesforce for your business or Want to discuss you can submit your query here

Pros and Cons of Salesforce CRM:-

Pros :
1. Customizable dashboard: when you log in you have a variety of reports widgets which will help you to have a perspective of your company’s performance.
2. Easy-to-navigate software: The software is quite easy to navigate with a simple bar exists on the top of the window.
3. Cloud-based CRM: It is a cloud based that takes a company’s CRM needs and put them in the cloud. It allows the companies to start a business in no time as they need very few things to at their location making the data more secure.
4. Apex Development: Salesforce has its own language for making the Application in the CRM Software by which it gives the availability for using custom Ideas by creating application in the Software

Cons :
1. Can be very expensive for small business: – Full Version of Salesforce CRM for a Small business can be expensive and unuseful because the small business has less amount of data or contacts which can also be handled by other CRM present in the market.
2. Complexity for small businesses: – Salesforce is such a robust solution with so many tools. These tools can create a chaos for micro businesses that do not really need such a complex software solution.
3. Complex Reporting: – When you use Salesforce, sometimes reporting basic information can be very tricky. Generating reports are not very user-friendly.

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Infusion Soft is web based CRM specially built for small and midsized businesses to build a better relationship with their customer to generate new leads. Infusionsoft itself coordinates all the tasks for its users, help organized, save them time when dealing with basic business issues, and allowing users grow sales. It comes up with sales and marketing automation tools which help in tracking new opportunities and converting more leads. With a good amount of user base and market share, Infusionsoft stands high in CRM market.

Some awesome features of Infusionsoft:-

a) CRM for small business: Infusionsoft is a web-based marketing automation solution completely focused on small- to mid-sized organizations. It offers a wide range of modules to support sales and marketing such as email marketing, lead management, and e-Commerce. You can put all contact details about your leads and customers in a single place in a very organized way. It is an ideal solution for smaller companies which have grown out of their email marketing system.

b) Email Marketing: Email marketing is a very strong feature of Infusionsoft. The email builder is so slick and easy to use that any user can build own professional looking email template without burning out much time and effort. You can send unlimited emails with the auto-respond feature. Its email marketing technique is so accurate that above 97% emails will be delivered to your customer meaning that there is the lowest chance of your email getting spammed or trashed.
c) Interface: Infusionsoft’s interface is one of the best in the market. Their drag and drop campaign builder is one of the most intuitive features. It makes it so easy to setup all email and keeps track of where each lead is coming from.
d) Customer Service: Infusionsoft provides several levels of customer support with 24/7 service.

Pros and Cons of Infusionsoft CRM:-

Pros :
1. User Interface: Infusionsoft has one of the best-designed user interfaces in CRM software market. Its campaign builder is very intuitive.
2. Great support staff: Infusionsoft is known for their quality of Customer service.
3. Flexibility: It has one of the most flexible functionality where you can easily and quickly create campaigns all under the same system which can be tricky in another system.

Cons :
1. Expensive Cost: Infusion soft charged for the total number of contacts and Email Send throughout the Months to leads and customers. Generally, It has $2,000-$3,000 for this initial one-time fee for initializing the Email and contacts customizations.
2. Not Good Support Staff: The users having very bad experiences with Support Staff either on phone, emails.

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Suite CRM is an upgraded version of Sugar CRM, which means you are going to get better services than the older version. One of the most important aspects of Suite CRM is that it is open source and free and one of the best CRM software. Suite CRM user is able to reduce their CRM-related expenses approximately 80% are able to maximize their contact point with their potential customers.

SuiteCRM is a free software still is no less in value than other paid CRM software as it ranks among most popular CRM software out there including Salesforce, Oracle, SAP etc. Whereas there is also a fee that comes with customization options for unique solutions.

Some awesome features of SuiteCRM:

1. Inbuilt Marketing function: SuiteCRM has an inbuilt marketing function, this will assist you throughout all your marketing efforts. It has an inbuilt and a unique email campaign module which will allow you to design, deploy and track your campaign within your CRM. Features like the ability to capture information directly from submitted forms and putting the information within CRM will definitely help you to generate more sales leads.

2. Management of Customers: Effective management of Customers always results in better sales leads and increased revenues and SuiteCRM is very smart in managing your customer’s data and records which play a vital role while communicating with your customer. SuiteCRM also lets you track your customer from initial inquiry stage to purchase.

3. Management: SuiteCRM keeps track of all incoming and outgoing invoices. It also let you create pdf template of invoices, quotes, contract documents etc. which can be stored in concerned customer’s account and can be viewed anytime.

Pros and Cons of SuiteCRM:-

Pros :
1.Free software demo: Before deciding upon a CRM software every user want to use its demo. But unfortunately, no company other than SuiteCRM offers a Free demo, software. You don’t even need to signup to check the demo, unlike Salesforce which won’t let you use its demo without signing up.
2.Open Source- It’s is an open source software that means you can connect to many people through it which might help you to work with the software in a better way. Through such community of people, you can even get an idea of doing well-managed business.
3.Lower costs: While the software is completely free with some limited amount of functionality which can be enough to run a small business, in case you want to have some more features to manage a big enterprise, this can also be done by paying a very small amount of money compared to other CRM software. If you want this CRM to implement for your business you can contact here 

Cons :
1.Limited Support: As an Open-source CRM it doesn’t offer much support to their free version. The only support which you will get for its free version is from its developer forums which may not that accurate and quick to respond.
2.Fewer Functions: For an open source software you won’t be able to get all the desired functionalities which you might be looking for a CRM.

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Zoho CRM is one of the most cost-effective CRM programs focused for Small and Midsize businesses. It is a software that enables users to manage organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management in a single business system. It offers almost every key functionality of a leading CRM at a very low cost which makes Zoho is a one of the Best CRM among these days.

Zoho CRM is a web based CRM Tool with no hardware and installation requirements. It is a free edition with limited users and functionality. It also offers multiple paid options. A user can easily upgrade or downgrade versions as per requirement.

Some awesome features of Zoho CRM:-

1. Automates essential sales operations: – The main features of Zoho CRM is that it automates daily sales, converts web visitors into leads, direct emailing and seminars. Most of the sales operations in Zoho CRM are just just-click ones, and they can be customized according to the needs of your business. Zoho CRM is very smart in managing customer accounts. It monitors every account from a shared database and can be viewed across products, account, status, and can track customer’s purchase history for selling opportunities.

2. Customization, Integration and more: – Zoho CRM is supported across both iOS and Android platforms. The user can customize the software with apps, fields, and modules on both platforms. It can be connected to many Google apps like Google Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.

3. Real-time access to important data: – Its tracking tools allow you to see where your customer is in the sales cycle. Access complete data of the user from contact history, competitor profile to craft more fitting messages. Features like Notes section which displays time and content of past conversations for more personal and effective communication. Relationships will be streamlined in no time which will let you make smarter and more profitable business decision.

4. Enterprise Ready: – Engage you customers through multiple mediums, and reach your customers by email, live chat, phone conversation, through social media with the help of Zoho CRM. You can use tracking and analytics to find opportunities for engagement and can even reach your customer in person.

Pros and Cons of Zoho CRM:-

1. Cost effective Maintenance- If you are on a budget and looking for a low-cost CRM for a small company then Zoho CRM can be very good option. Zoho has low costs and there are no annual contracts and also allows you to store unlimited data in Professional and Enterprise version of

2. Data Management: – If you find any duplicity in records in any specific field such as Company, or Phone just merge the duplicates without the fear of losing any data. You don’t need to worry if you delete something you need because Zoho stores it for you for 60 days where CRMs like Salesforce stored deleted records only for 15 days.

Cons :
3. Less flexibility and efficiency: In Zoho, there are no queues in lead assignment. So there is always a fear to lose flexibility and efficiency as leads need to be assigned to specific users.

4. Limited Customization: – With low prices, here are some things that you have to sacrifice like a limited amount of customization which is a big drawback for a big enterprise. If you have any Query regarding Zoho CRM Visit here

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5.Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

As the name suggests, this CRM is developed by Microsoft and focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Services. This data-driven business solution will help you to take care of your customers by tracking sales, generating leads and delivering actionable data. This CRM offers a variety of features from social insights, business intelligence, and productivity with One Microsoft solutions.

As of writing this article, the latest release of this CRM came in February 2017. This CRM is improving gradually and now consists so many new features that its hard to pick our favorites which make it one of the Best CRM in today’s market. But Still, I have tried to do our best in picking the best of the best features.

Some awesome features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:-

a.Enhanced Mobile Sales: Suppose you are in a meeting with a client and you don’t have the internet access to add details directly into CRM with your mobile device, well, don’t panic folks! This CRM has all sorted out for you with its ability to create drafts offline which can be easily synchronized whenever you are online.
b. Streamlined User Interface: Microsoft offers a very streamlined user interface with features like guided help which allows it to provide assistance to its user. Microsoft has made its business process flow very sleek which gives values to users fastly.

c. Performance oriented: With Microsoft’s own Azure server platform and big teams which are dedicated to improving the performance, this CRM is now more and more performance oriented. The performance from the rendering of forms, views, and reports, to different browser compatibility, Microsoft has improved their CRM gradually.

d. A better way of communication: Microsoft Dynamics transforming how we work better to serve the customer. It gives an employee who is communicating with the employee the all the required information they need about the client to make a great impression. All the data about a specific client is stored in a repository which tracks sales and service interactions and automates marketing campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:-

Pros :
1.Compatibility: Being a Microsoft product, it is highly compatible with other Microsoft products like Office 365, Outlook etc.
2.Very fair Subscriptions prices: Having so many features this CRM is offered at a fair amount of subscription charges as compared to other CRMs out there.
3.Customer Support: With so many positive reviews about from user about their Customer Service, Microsoft Customer support is considered to be the most effective and well-organized support.

Cons :
1.Dependency: This CRM hugely depends upon other Microsoft products like Outlook, this can really affect you if you use solutions other than Microsoft.
2.Rapid Changes: Their Services are undergoing rapid changes so one needs to have some patience and need to learn to keep up.


These all are the Top 5 Best CRM which are widely used these days in the market according to their business and availability. Using CRM is always the better option as it helps us to manage our customers and make us able to interact them time to time by which we have a good probability of having a good sales or ROI.
You should choose your CRM According to your business which is already categorized in above-mentioned Article. If you have any Question regarding any CRM you can Comment Below by which I can able to solve that problem. You can also visit here for any Query Thankyou.