TOP 3 Pre-Hosted E-commerce Platfroms

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Are you Looking to build your own E-commerce store??

Today we see a lot many number of on-line stores present on World Wide Web. Weather a small business or large business, everyone has an on-line store and most are in race for building there on-line store. There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to starting an on-line store, one of the most important thing to consider when setting up an on-line store is what E-commerce Platform to choose.


Since there are lot of E-Commerce platforms that are available to run your on-line store and with so many present around its hard to decide which one to choose. There are basically two types of E-commerce platforms Pre-Hosted and Self-Hosted. Pre-Hosted platforms are those that completely host your stores basically they are the ones that manage all your files, servers etc and you don’t have any access to it. On the other hand self-hosted are those platforms that provides you with soft-wares and you have host your own website. For Stability purposes, I would recommend a Pre-hosted E-commerce Platforms.

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Here I am Listing down some of the best Pre-Hosted E-commerce platforms for your on-line store.


default (1)Shopify is quickly becoming the top-notch e-commerce platform. There website says that there more than 150000 online retailers using Shopify. One thing that gives Shopify an egde over others are some add-on apps similarly to your smartphone that can be downloaded from their store and you can add some functionalities to your site. Shopify offers 24×7 customer support via phone calls, online live chat and emails. In addition to this Shopify has a dedicated YouTube channel that educates you “ How to drive traffic to your store” and much more. Shopify also provides you with different-different professionally looking themes you can use for your on-line store. Shopify also takes security as a major concern and provide its customers with full security to their site and a complete back up of all your data.

Top Notch Features

  • Integration with shipping companies, retailers and more
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization feature
  • Mobile App for managing your store
  • Mobile Optimized

Pricing Per Month: Basic: $29, Profrssional: $79, Unlimited: $179






bigcommerce-logoBig Commerce is another popular E-commerce Platform powering more than 55000 on-line stores. Big Commerce is somewhat similar to Shopify when compared considering prices. They offer more features like gift cards, real-time shipping , 24×7 assistance and more in their basic plan i.e $29 per month. The User interface of admin panel offered by Big Commerce is easy to navigate and a person with non-technical background can also easily operate it. Big Commerce also provides its users with beautifully designed templates (free & paid) to make their store look more beautiful.

Top Notch Features

  • Easy to Navigate Admin Panel
  • Google Trusted Store Certification
  • Integration with E-bay and Google shopping
  • Mobile Optimized

Pricing Per Month: Silver: $29.95, Gold: $79.95, Platinum: $199.95






3dcart-ecommerce-platform-logo-1024x2543D cart is a feature rich pre-hosted E-commerce platform for you on-line store. 3D cart is best option for those who have short sum of money but plan to go big one day. 3D Cart doesn’t charges any transaction fees, which is a plus point. What’s more interesting is, they also provide you services like SEO and marketing on various popular social channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more, although every other E-commerce platform provide with these additional services, but they charge you handsome money for this, comparatively 3D Cart charges less on this.

Top Notch Features

  • No Transaction Fees
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Plenty of Shipping options available
  • Tonnes of Features in the Starters Plan
  • Mobile Optimized

Pricing Per Month: Mini: $19.99, Starter: $35.99, Professional: $65.99, Professional Plus: $99.99, Power Plan: $129.99





Wrapping Up: Top Pre-Hosted E-commerce Platforms

Even though there are plenty of E-commerce Platforms available in the market like magneto, Opencart and many more, it totally depends on you What Platform to choose keeping your needs and budget in mind. I listed down some of the Top Pre-Hosted E-commerce platforms. In my view a Small Business should probably go for Pre-hosted E-commerce platform like the one which I mentioned above as they offer you more stability and return.