The Evolution of Smartwatch

Apr 7, 2015 by     No Comments    Posted under: Knowledge Base

Smartwatch is one of the trending electronic gadget today. The Smartwatch market has seen an incredible rise in the recent time with tech giants like Samsung, Sony, LG, Apple, Pebble entering the market with their smartwatches. Evry other Smartwatch is unique in its way and is designed with specific purpose. These smartwatches are like a mini computer on your wrists. But one question that still intrigued me is about “The Evolution of Smartwatch”?

The concept of a smartwatch is not new, the tech industry has been trying to come up with a viable smartwatch for a long time (Decades). But the excitement grew in the past decade only with smartwatches like Samsung Gear, Pebble Time Steel, Moto 360, LG G watch, Apple watch and more entering the Smartwatch market. So, here we go, lets have a look at an INFOGRAPHIC that shows us the features, benefits and evolution of smartwatches.



Wrapping Up: The Evolution of Smartwatch

So, this was our attempt to showcase “The Evolution of Smartwatch” in a beautifully looking infographic. As we saw that the era of smartwatch from its beginning, present trends and the future of the smartwatch. In my opinion the future of smartwatches and other wearables is going to take a breath-taking pace in the coming years. Hope you liked our attempt. We will be happy to hear from you. Share you valuable thoughts below.