Telecommunication sector- Rising towards 5G network.

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With Emerging technologies, the largest technology giants have started indulging them into various developments .They have started planning of different products launches. There are several obstacles that every company has to clear to meet their goals.Here we look at some to the recent steps taken by the these telecommunication giants.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

INTEL have started working on 5G technology so that It can provide power to winter olympics that is going to be held in 2018 in town of Pyeongchang in South Korea. For this purpose, it will collaborate with Korea Telecom and will contribute its hardware. The hardware will power the subsequent venues of the coming winter Olympics.[source]

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5G network

Bharti Airtel group have also announced that it is going to launch its 5G services in India with the help of South Korean giant named SK Telecom.It has started its initial development in Bangalore and Kolkata and will later expand it in different cities.


Bharti Mittal has said, “Airtel has always looked forward to bring in the latest telecom technology to India”. Their new partnership with Telecom major SK Telecom will help them decisively change the telecom scenario in the country and will put India at par with the most advanced broadband nations in the world.[source]

AT&T have also hastened its pace so that it can get to launch its 5G network within a year or more. It is said that AT&T will cover more than 70% of its 5G network by the year 2020.

The release will be done taking into consideration the rules of  3rd Generation Partnership Project that will define its guidelines by 2019.[source]

5G network


Reliance Jio, Vodafone India and Idea cellular have also started implementing  Multiple input and Multiple output (MIMO) in 4G technology so as to make it work like 5G network. They are also expecting to roll out 5G in 2020 in India.
5G network

MIMO is expected to increase the capacity of base station. It is expected to increase by five or seven times and reduce the interference. There are many trials taken by these technology giants and results are considered simultaneously. It will take few years to launch it completely.

Here is a interview of Mr Vishant vora who is Director of  Technology in Vodafone India. He has explained how vodafone is trying to move along with 5G. Check the link below:

Vodafone is expected to collaborate with Nokia to roll out 5G services in South Africa. Nokia corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding with Vodafone group for trial services.

This will boost economic growth in South Africa by providing digitization benefits to Manufacturing, healthcare, energy and consumer services industries.

BSNL( Bharat Sanchar Nagam Limited) have signed an agreement with Coriant i.e US based networking provider to speed up network architecture that will be required for 5G implementation. It is expected that it will launch its services within coming financial year.

BSNL has largest optic fibre network and is spread more vastly than all other networks which is a positive point for BSNL.

5G network

All these technology giants are into the race of speed, availability and costs. It is a challenge for all of them to provide quality work within estimated time so as to compete with their competitors.

All the telecommunication companies are looking to launch 5G  at the earliest so as to increase their customer base like Reliance Jio did.

All is to wait and watch who comes with 5G first.