Small Business Marketing Automation: How can it be done?

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We all spend a lot of our time thinking about marketing, marketing funnel, leads generation, sales and more. When it comes to Small Businesses, its not too easy to get leads and close the sale, but at the same time its not too difficult. Weather you are selling a product or service, it is not necessary that everytime you have to go to your customers and close the sale and their is also a uncertainty that weather the sale will end or not. We should make efforts to change those uncertainties to certainties perhaps. All we need to do is direct all our efforts to one thing make them reach out to us. So, lets get into the world of automated marketing – an automated way to provide right information to right people at right time and making them come to you.


Small Businesses have to consider many things when choosing the right Marketing Automation software for their businesses. One of the main aspect to consider is budget. There are plenty of marketing automation softwares available in the market like Eloqua, Marketo, IBM, you can bring them to your small business, but they charge thousands of dollars. What A small Business need is a marketing automation system that serves best all purposes like email marketing, lead generation, CRM solutions, Lead qualification and more under one system. So, I am hereby Introducing INFUSIONSOFT a one stop solution for small businesses to automate all their activities under one system.

Infusionsoft: All-in-one System


Infusionsoft is possibly the best-known and most successful marketing automation system when we think of small Businesses. Infusionsoft is a one-stop solution and offers all-in-one system that combines all the aspects of CRM, email marketing, Marketing automation, social media marketing, e-commerce tools every possible thing under one package, that attracts new customers and suits every other small business present.

Infusionsoft has been into business since 2001 empowering more than 25000 small businesses by automating their marketing effort and helping them achieve their marketing and sales goals. Infusionsoft is the ultimate solution to track and manage all your sales and marketing activities at one place. Let us discuss some key features of Infusionsoft.

  • Marketing Automation: Small businesses Marketing now made easy with Infusionsoft’s Marketing Automation system. Infusionsoft offers plenty of features in it marketing automation system like landing Page creation, webforms, marketing reports, marketing campaigns and much more. You can create marketing campaigns with Infusionsoft’s marketing automation system and boost your sale and growth.
  • Email Marketing: Infusionsoft helps small businesses in enhancing their Email Marketing campaigns. Infusionsoft offers a solid email capabilities that includes design templates, nurturing functionalities and more. Their system helps you to design your emails in a more professional way that inspires your customers to take action and by action I mean they will open your email and respond to that. They also make sure that your emails are delivered ensuring 99% delivery rate making sure that your emails are not spammed.
  • Lead Scoring: Infusionsoft also has a lead scoring features that is important from the point of view of tracking the prospects advancement through you sales process. It happens like this Infusionsoft present your leads in graphical form i.e. in flames, the more higher the number of flames the hotter your prospect. Thus it keeps track of Hotter prospects and focuses on converting them to leads and close sale.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Infusionsoft has CRM system built into its software. Infusionsoft provide CRM solutions at smart friendly prices to Small Businesses. Infusionsoft’s CRM integrates well with your Content management system and helps you drive more sales and growth to your business.
  • Analytics: Its always important to keep track of all activities. Infusionsoft provides complete analytics that shows full life-cycle of customer from initial stage i.e visiting the site to converting into full-fledged customer. Analytics will probably help you keeping track of all the activities of your prospects and also tell you if there is need for improvement.

InFusionsoft: Additional Functionalities

  • Calender and Task Management
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Automate Campaigns
  • Landing Page
  • Webforms
  • Marketing Reports
  • Lead Generation

Pricing: $199 to $399/ month





Wrapping Up

Marketing has always been the key success to every Business whether large Business houses or Small Business houses. But there is an advantage with Large Business Houses in terms of financial resources, so they can carry out there marketing activities at a large scale. On the other hand Small Business houses have limited financial resources, Infusionsoft is the right choice for Small Businesses who dream to go big.

  • Great piece! Infusionsoft are awesome, without a doubt but have you ever heard of Spokal? It’s an even more pocket-friendly solution for small businesses, and much easier to implement too… especially for micro-businesses!

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