Scholica : Modular System Based E-Learning Platform

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Use of electronic media and information & communication technologies is very common now a day. Although there are a lot of ways of E-learning, but which of the E-learning techniques is to be used is dependent upon the services they provide. Scholica is an E-learning platform, founded by two students Tom Schoffelen, Dante Van Der Heyden, who feels the need of choice based modular study. They try to combine functions like file sharing, updates to students, schedule checking, and E-Mail to fellow classmates and planning events into one product. Although there are a lot of e-learning platforms but they are not provide all of these functions at the same time.scholica2

Dante says about Scholica “Our goal is to make the lives of students and teachers easier. We are students ourselves and we know what it is like to work with the services currently offered for E-learning: lacking usability, consistency and customization options. That’s the reason we started Scholica: we don’t want to change the way people learn, we want to enable them to focus on learning only.”scholica4

 If there is a group of 5 students, this would be helpful for them to create an e-learning platform for them that would normally costs up to tens of thousands of dollars to have a such kind of development. Instead of normalize on multiple platforms, everything on common place help the students to stay more focused. it’s an app that makes the learning for the student easier. It is available as a desktop and mobile solution and it’s a cleaner way to experience school communication and planning.

E-learning can provide youscholica3

Your Own Learning Platform – Using E-learning you can set up your personal learning platform in few clicks. They host, update and monitor your virtual learning program, where you simply need to you use it.

Modular System – Using Scholica you select the modules according to your own requirement. Sometimes the users of Scholica had already studied about one module, then he can directly enable the particular module which he want to study further.

Fixed Price – It has the fixed price. You don’t need to go through the long calculations or no need to change your budget. Its price is very minimal that is 7.50 Euro per user per year.

No Matter where you are – Scholica provides you the Multi language support. No matter where you are, whether you are offline and online. Your courses, updates and calendars are always visible on your screen. It is available for your Smartphone, desktop, tablet and other devices.

It also took into account the lives of the teachers and schools also. For the teachers, its courses module enables teachers to put their modules on one place for their class. It may be video, spreadsheets, documents and images. Using Scholica students can ask a question to their peers and teachers. There modular system is designed in such a way that it can also be implemented in schools. They can add functions based on their need to be as robust or simple for the needs of everyone.