Different Type of Salesforce Cloud

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How to grow sales? One simple way is just to opt Salesforce…Let’s have deep knowledge of Salesforce cloud.

With the growing business, it becomes very difficult to handle everything manually. The prospects, leads, customers all become huge and it becomes difficult for the manforce to handle Pressure. Salesforce has their Different Salesforce Cloud which helps you in managing all these data automated .which is Best CRM(Customer Relationship Manager) that everyone can prefer from a person having a small business to a big one. Here we discuss different clouds in salesforce (salesforce cloud) and their features so that it becomes easy for a new user of salesforce to understand it deeply and manage their business.


Different type of Salesforce cloud are as follows:     

  1. Sales Cloudsalesforce cloud
  2. Service Cloud
  3. Marketing Cloud
  4. Commerce Cloud
  5. Community Cloud
  1. Sales Cloud: 

    Salesforce sales cloud is basically a module in salesforce where the entire sales process is handled and revenues are generated. It helps businessman to grow their accounts, find customers and close the deals faster. More leads get generated and it accelerates the productivity by providing Insight decisions.

          salesforce cloud

          Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud:

  • Einstein AI: Salesforce uses Einstein artificial intelligence to analyze the data and check for the deals which are won and lost. Helps to Prioritise the leads which are best and can be converted, Explore customers behavior as well prospect engagement & also reduces data entry work by adding meetings and records to relevant emails.
  • Contact Management: Access the customer data including their contacts, their past communication details, their deals, the process of their involvement in deals. Help pull the data from customer social media accounts to get in deep details of them.
  • Opportunity Management: Helps to look into customer’s activity and update you with ways to win deals. One can send emails simply with templates to grab more opportunities. The entire team gets engaged by processing from their mobile phones and replying to the updates.
  • Salesforce Inbox: SalesforceIQ surfaces all the relevant emails data along with customer interactions data and helps to deliver right messages at right time.Salesforce Inbox takes care of your busy schedule and helps you focus on your customers by providing features like dynamic scheduling and shortcuts.
  • Lead Management: It helps you make smarter decisions by managing campaigns across all channels.Leads are assigned to right people.You can notice where the lead came from and track all its activities.
  • Sales Collaboration: It helps drive progress by capturing sales opportunities and retreating right people and information.
  • Email Integration: CRM email tracking software sync contacts and events. Emails, calendars are directly synced to salesforce to keep team up-to-date. Sales intelligence allow real-time update of pipeline data resulting in smarter selling and more deals ending.
  • Territory Management: Territory modeling allows choosing different models to implement and check results. It maximises the revenue by finding right customers.
  • File Sync and Share: As the cloud is being used, any of the team members can access files and folders from anywhere in the office. It provides filters that help in a fast search. Files to be used for long-term can also be followed.


Looking into all the features we get an Idea of basic functions of Salesforce sales cloud. It helps in increasing sales of an enterprise and service by providing different built-in functionalities.The most demanding thing today is increasing sales and we have got salesforce sales cloud-an alternative to tackle sales tasks. Everyone from small to large business wants to Increase the sales and will try to use sales cloud. If you are looking for consultancy click here.


  1. Service Cloud:

    Salesforce Service cloud is another module in salesforce.com which refers to services provided. It provides service like call-center, live conversations, knowledge base, assistance with products to customers. The main motive of service cloud is keeping people happy.

                                                Salesforce cloud

          Features of Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • Lightning Console: The entire information including subjects, customer profiles, knowledge base and provided to the agent so that they can easily Interact with the customer and provide them better solutions with world-class service. The Lightning Console is a Portal which provides information to the agent at right place where it is required the most.
  • LiveMessage & LiveChat: Nowadays message chat had become most widely used a source of communication. Salesforce LiveMessage is used here for mobile messaging.Messaging reduces the cost and helps to handle more than single customers at one time hence resulting in increasing Productivity.LiveChat helps talk to customers in real time. People online reply within few seconds and conversations end up very fast resulting in increased leads.
  • Omni Routing: It routes right cases to right agents. It provides average work times, handle times and helps diagnose problems and fix them.
  • Field Service Lightening: Field service lightening helps provide faster service from phone to field on one Platform. Helps manage complex assets, manage technicians and access information from any mobile devices.
  • Service Wave Analytics: It turns Insights into Actions.Integration with service cloud helps in more data on dashboards and helps increase speed and security.
  • Social Customer Service: Customer support team is equipped with the tools to handle cases on social media channels. Agents resolve issues using the phone, chat, social networks etc. Providing replies to customers grievance is one of best features of service cloud.


  1. Marketing Cloud

    Salesforce Marketing cloud helps navigate entire customer journey on one platform. It provides channels and helps marketers deliver right message on right time.

                           Marketing salesforce cloud

         It helps marketers as follows:

  • Marketing automation helps reach customers through relevant messaging. One can also build and manage campaigns to drive user engagement.
  • Adding mobile to email and social campaigns help reach customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhance new customer acquisition, re-engage inactive customers, and align advertising with every channel.
  • Helps to predict right content on the web by developing Landing pages, tracking customers, increasing conversions.
  • Helps create cross channels and Improve marketing with People data.
  • Align marketing pipeline to convert prospects to leads.

Salesforce cloud

There are several channels which help to personalize the customer experience. Eg- Mobile studio, Email studio, Social studio, Advertising studio and Web studio.Anyone can come and build personalized journeys with Salesforce marketing cloud using Journey Builder, Audience Builder, Personalisation Builder, Content Builder, Analytics Builder and Marketing cloud connect.

Salesforce Marketing cloud uses AI to segment more audience in an Intelligent way. It helps analyze customer journeys and help in getting leads.


  1. Commerce Cloud

    Salesforce commerce cloud provides a  unique online shopping experience.It delivers strategic and personalized shopping experiences, collaborates IT solutions on one cloud that is stable and scalable, provides continuous innovations without delays or disruption, Maximizes productivity by centralized management and unifies store with store operations, order management, POS etc..


         Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Modern Storefront App & Full Customization:  Builds and launch apps quickly with efficient and responsive frontend design. Enhance existing apps by adding custom functionalities.
  • Checkout & Customer Service: Maximise conversions and empower agents to interact with customers on call or web and look into queries related to storefront and shopper order history.
  • Campaigns, content Management: Launch campaigns, promotions, and A/B tests to improve customer loyalty by providing them with good content and offers even.
  • A product, Pricing, and Catalog Management: Maximize impact by syndicating products and pricing across categories, catalogs, currencies, and sites—without starting from scratch.
  • Commerce extensions: There are several social extensions, custom mobile apps, In-store integration and other extensions that increase the functionalities of sites.


Salesforce commerce cloud is used because of its streamlined management and best features that make it outstanding. You can read more about Salesforce commerce cloud from here: https://www.demandware.com/products/why-commerce-cloud


  1. Community Cloud

    Salesforce community cloud collaborates customers, partners, and employees and connects them by building a community relevant to their business. Everyone can build the community and share the thoughts and problems with other members. It helps customers connect to each other and help each other. Customers can interact with each other, share their services and provide feedback too.

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         Features of Salesforce Community Cloud:

  • Business Integration: Communities can be infused along with data from any system, anywhere. Customers can provide support and update opportunities for their partners.They can share the files too. They can integrate objects as well third parties.
  • Personalization: Salesforce community cloud automatically suggests connections to the groups and communities build and engage them in deeper participation by recommending them things of their interest.
  • Customisation and Branding: one can customise the community cloud to extend the online experience, can add custom templates. Anyone can use Visual Designer for providing custom community layouts.
  • Lightning Bolt: Portals and communities can be created quickly that can be integrated with Salesforce. Lightning Bolt helps build fully branded and mobile-optimized communities.
  • Mobile: The communities can be accessed from any mobile App or Mobile Browser.One can have access from anywhere and anytime.
  • Chatter Collaboration: The employees can get updates, find data related to their subject, collaborate on projects and even contribute the Ideas with others. It helps to drive Productivity, innovation by sharing Ideas and capture more opportunities by working in a Team.

The Salesforce community cloud ensures interaction of people with others related to their field. They can share their Knowledge and extend their Ideas and Business. To know more about features you can check the  link:https://www.salesforce.com/in/products/community-cloud/features/

Salesforce cloud


All the Salesforce cloud-bound together provide vast functionalities and ensure the productivity and betterment. It helps increase sales by engaging people vastly and tracking the leads and prospects.As we have discussed after attaining knowledge about the Salesforce cloud it will become easier for new users to manage their business individually, But still, sometimes some things are not easily understandable, hence, In such case, you will require consulting a salesforce specialist. For that purpose I highly recommend http://www.designersx.com/salesforce-service/