Create Block Quotes Using These Best Open Source CSS Snippets

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Are you looking for Block Quotes for your text heavy website? Then I have some of the best free Block Quotes with designs using pure CSS code that makes it easy to replicate.

Moreover they come in various designs to choose from.

Lets us find out some of these Block Quotes.

  • Material Design( Block Quotes)

The background icon makes it to stand out.

One has the option to change the font color.

Moreover it uses Google’s material design rules with similar color and styles.

On top of this it is totally free.

For more information you can click here:

  • Alternating Quotes(Block Quotes)

Tommy Hodgins is the creator of Alternating Quotes.

Moreover it is quite easy to create a perfect Black Quote.

Furthermore add a small grey border to one side and you are able to separate the text from the rest of the page.

This will make the text to stand out against the page body and will make browsing a lot easier.

You can add any kind of orientation with the alternating styles it offers.

For more on this you can click here:


  • Automatic Quotes(Block Quotes)

Automatic Quote is a Luke Watts design.

The text you quote gets pulled to the side of the body text hence its other name is also pullquote.

It quite successfully pulls attention with bright colors and quotation marks.

Furthermore it adds quote marks into the design via CSS.

Hence you wrap up your text in proper tags and it will style it with Quotations.

Automatic Quote:


  • Greyed Block (Block Quotes)

It uses lively text and font awesome block quotes.

Moreover it gives a better appearance with a stronger font.

It can serve as a strong base for building on top and for styling your own block quote.

For more information click here:


  • Simple Block (Block Quotes)

This is the most compatible block quote because it can work on any website.

Harm Putman is the developer and he uses the cite attribute from the block quote to populate a citation at the bottom.

Furthermore the dividing bars separate the block quote from the rest of the content.

They do it by fixing a small quotation mark in the middle this makes the user know that it is a quote.

Sleek, Elegant and simple are the traits that define Simple Block.

Click here for further information:


  • BQ Patterns(Block Quote)

Derek Wheelden is the mastermind behind this Block Quote.

The CSS3 offers deifferent classes for each block quote.

Furthermore it cities the quote source through footer element.

It is a nice feature for a heavy website and certainly an optional element for a simple website.

You can achieve great results with minor CSS tweaks and unique fonts.

For more information you can click here:


  • Classy Block Quote

This Block Quote allows you to include the photo of the person being quoted.

Andrew Wright is the designer of this block quote.

Apart from adding the photo you can also add colors and update the fonts.

Furthermore it is very easy to restyle it on your own.

For more information you can click here:


  • Circular Quote(Black Quote)

It is also known as Literature Circular Quote.

Furthermore its uniqueness and style lies in its bright orange background.

With few tweaks it can look good on white background as well.

Every element in this block quote is a pure CSS creation including the unique round pattern.

For more information click here:


  • Notepaper(Block Quote)

This Block Quote is purely and entirely a creation of CSS3 code.

It replicates the design of the paper and certainly looks like a notecard.

Furthermore HTML has all the modern block quotes and has  compatibility to work in all the modern browsers.

For more information click here:


Watch this video to create your own block quote


This my compilation of the Block Quotes. There are many other options available for block quotes online. You can look out for your favorite pick.

Image source: Codepen

Video Source: YouTube