8 Best Website Analysis Tools Essential In Getting Conversions

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To market your product and services online, you must have put in the hard work and efforts for the latest design and structure of your website. And all the other essentials in your website like perfect content, creativity and focus on the potential customers are intact as well. But there are other important tools known as website analysis tools which are essential to gauge the performance of your website.

It tells you what is working and what is not working with your website

Moreover, website analysis is a tool that brings success to both company and the customers. And it helps in maximizing the results.

Why Is Web Analysis Important?

  • It measures the traffic, page views, clicks and tells you an insight of how well your site is performing.
  • Analyzing your data as well as your competitor’s data and telling you what part of your site is working with the customers and what part needs improvement.
  • Furthermore, it keeps a track on the keywords that drive traffic to your site.

To know more about website analysis you can view this video:

There are various website analysis tools and they give different data with a different area of focus. But their primary goal is to find out your web presence.

Come, let us explore the various tools for a different area of focus.

The area of focus is the main heading and the tools are the subheadings.

  • Visitor’s Navigation

Crazy Egg:(Website Analysis Tools)

Website analysis tools

This tool tells how user navigates the site.

With the help of heat maps, overlays, and other visualizations you can find out what customers are doing on your page.

Furthermore, it gives you an insight of where the visitors are clicking, how far on the page they are scrolling.

To add to this it also tells you from where your customers are coming and which areas of your site is catching their attention.

Since this tool helps you in finding out the interest area of the visitors hence you can improve the design and content of your site.


Google Analytics:(Website Analysis Tools)

Website Analysis Tools

It tracks the web traffic and collects the data such as keywords to help you in improving visitor’s experience.

Gives detail reports of the visitors as to which pages are losing customers and where you can improve.

Moreover, it is a preferred analysis tool and it is FREE.


  • Social

Twitter Analytics(Website Analysis Tools)

Website Analysis Tools

Helps you find out who all are your followers, from where are they coming, what are the topics of their interest.

This tells you an insight of the most popular tweet and ways to make your content successful.

Moreover, it is a free tool.

For more information click here:https://analytics.twitter.com/about


Facebook Page Insights(Website Analysis Tools)

Website Analysis Tools

It is a free built in feature for your company’s Facebook page.

It tracks where your posts are reaching, who all are liking your posts and where your customers are coming from.

Moreover, it gives a data of how the visitors are engaging in your content.

With this information, you can increase the performance of your page by increasing your followers, likes, and shares.

For more information click here:https://www.facebook.com/help/336893449723054


  • SEO 

SEMrush(Website Analysis Tools)

Website analysis tools

It is a perfect tool for those companies who advertise on Google or on other search engines.

Moreover, it shows where you stand among your competitors.

Other features include copy, keyword, and budget.

You will be able to improve your site’s performance, ranking, and advertising.

For more information click here:https://www.semrush.com/


Moz(Website Analysis Tools)

website analysis tools

A perfect toolset for finding out your search engine’s ranking as well as for tracking your competitor’s ranking.

It enables you to see your rank on both desktop and mobile devices.

Moreover this track keyword by campaign or location.

For more information click here:https://moz.com/


  • Testing

Google Content Experiments(Website Analysis Tools)

Website Analysis Tools

This helps you in choosing between different versions of your website or landing pages.

Furthermore, it helps you to find out which parts of your page generate the most clicks.

Another free tool by Google shows the performance of each page and which is the most effective.

Once you find your most popular page, you can publish it for the visitors.

For more information click here:https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1745147


Optimizely(Website Analysis Tools)

Website Analysis Tools

This improves your company’s website pages by A/B testing.

With this tool, you can easily make changes to a page on your website and can compare the new version with old page.

You don’t need a coding experience to work with this tool.

It allows you to make a successful website and you can improve your performance as well.

For more information click here:https://www.optimizely.com/

These website analysis tools surely gives you a detailed insight into the performance and strategies of your website.

There are many other versions available as well both free and paid. I am sure you guys will try to find the best website analysis tool for your website and will  try to take action on the results. 

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