Grab The Best Smartphone: Nokia 8 Or Samsung Note 8

Attention! The tech geeks and the smartphone lovers out there. Here is an exciting piece of news for all of you. Tech giants Nokia and Samsung will be unveiling their smartphones, Nokia 8 and Samsung Note 8 this month. We can expect a lot of surprises in August.

Since these phones are yet to arrive, here we have all rumours associated with them.

Let us all find out the right smartphone for us.

  • Operating Systems And Multimedia Features

nokia 8

Android is going to be the operating system of both Nokia 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Whereas the multimedia features of both the phones will be deciding their future. Samsung is all set to launch note 8 with a bang. The tech giant is leaving no stone unturned as far as the features of the phone are concerned. They are vouching to make note 8, the best multimedia phone ever. During their recent press conference, Samsung unveiled its plans for note 8. They will be making a better screen display of 6.3 inches, great S pen which will be bringing a better scribbling experience and other richer advanced multimedia functionalities.

nokia 8

Nokia 8 will be supporting a 5.3-inch display with a Quad HD resolution of 2560*1440 resolution. As per the recent photographs of Nokia 8, it seems it will be coming with the same copper gold colour.

  • Lethal Camera

nokia 8

Samsung note 8 will be having the first premium dual rear camera on any of the Samsung smartphones.

nokia 8

Nokia 8 is also promising to deliver the best cameras. It will be having two 13 megapixels cameras with Carl Zeiss optics. Hence, Nokia 8 is also geared up to take on Note 8.

  • Fingerprint Sensors

nokia 8

Samsung Note 8 will be supporting its trademark the fingerprint sensors at the back.

nokia 8

Whereas Nokia 8 has front mounted Fingerprint sensors. It seems Samsung is yet to crack the technology for front sensors.

  • FCC Certification

nokia 8

Samsung Note 8 has received the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) certification before its release. This approval is a major step before the release. Whereas Nokia 8 is yet to confirm this certification. With FCC, it is confirmed that Note 8 will be supporting both GSM and CDMA networks for full compatibility with US carriers. Moreover, it will also be compatible with LTE radio band 66.

  • Specs

Nokia 8 will be having Snapdragon 835 chip processor.The price of the Nokia 8 is rumored to be around $637 and is expected to arrive around 16 of August.

Note 8 apart from supporting a better camera it will be having a wireless charging system. Furthermore, it will be supporting facial recognition for better security and an improved battery life. Its processor is also going to be faster and better. Note 8 is expected to be priced at $1000 and will be arriving on 23 August 2017. Hence Note 8 is going to be an expensive phone.

Both the phones will be supporting Android Nougat as their operating system. They will be having a marvellous display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Dual Sim functionality is present in both Nokia 8 and Samsung Note 8. Nokia 8 will be coming with only one colour whereas Samsung Note 8 will be available in Black, Blue, Gold, and Silver. Aren’t these colours lovely to choose from?

Here are the details that we have gathered before the launch of these two marvellous phones. Which phone is going to be your pick is for you to decide. Hoping that our write up will be helping you in taking the decision. Or else you can wait for these phones to arrive.

Images: Google

Video: YouTube