Explore The Web Design Trends 2017

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Are you diligently looking for trending web designs to make an attractive web page for your needs? Then keep all your worries at bay. Because here are some of the latest web design trends 2017, and I am quite sure that these latest website designs tactics will be quite useful to you all.

A little tweaking in your web page can boost its look marvelously. Therefore, here is the list of current web design trends.

Let us check out the trending website designs that can elevate your web page to a new height.

web design trends 2017

  • Geometric Layering (web design trends 2017)

web design trends 2017

Google’s material design idea is the pioneer in bringing back the Geometric Layering as a mainstream and modern design technique. In a unique manner, this adds visual interest to visuals. Geometric layering has those design elements that are increasingly growing in popularity. Below are the number of ways in which Geometric Layering can be used to bring new life to the images.

  • photos can be aligned in different ways to add a new focus to the images.
  • creates a unique focal point by adding an unusual bright element.
  • to bring focus to important test elements, cut into the images.

The angles and curves in geometric layering make it easier to navigate across any kind of content. These are great tools for the users.

  • Downpage Navigation (web design trends 2017)

web design trends 2017

Downpage Navigation is becoming the hot favourite amongst the designers for designing a web page. They perform all kind of experiments with the navigation tool. Though down page navigation is becoming popular with the designers, there is a caution associated with this kind of navigation. As a designer, you need to design the page in such a manner that the users find it easier to navigate through the page.

Don’t worry, we will tell you the ways to make Downpage navigation popular amongst the users.

  • Make sure that you apply the downpage navigation elements to the simplest of the designs. Furthermore, the navigation elements need to be placed in such a manner that they are visible to the users.
  • Downpage navigation is more successful if it is used with the minimal framework.
  • This kind of navigation is best suited for the homepages.
  • Moreover, adding an extra design element can easily take the user to the navigation. Furthermore adding the sticky elements becomes necessary if the page has a long scroll.


  • Blurred Images(web design trends 2017)

web design trends 2017

Blurred imagery attaches an element of mystery with the web design. Though it is not a new technique, it is getting better with the passage of time. Business houses have started adding fully or partially blurred images and videos to their web pages. It is capable of taking the emphasis from the images to the other parts of the design. Every designer has a unique way of using blurred imagery for different reasons.


  • Boxes (web design trends 2017)

web design trends 2017

Boxed elements are becoming one of the most usable and popular web design elements 0f the year 2017. Designers are working marvellously with the boxes to draw attention to certain parts of the pages and to highlight the content. One of the reasons for the popularity of the boxes is their versatility. Hence, they can slip easily in any kind of the design.

Furthermore, here are the few fantastic ways of using the boxed elements of web design.

  • Boxes add a layer to the elements as well as create depth and focus on the web page.
  • Furthermore, use a box to create flow and an actionable element. Such as a pop-up call to action.
  • Boxes are best for mobile based designs.



These web design trends are the most trending ones and they will certainly give an edge to your web page. Furthermore, you can keep on changing the elements in the design and can keep on incorporating new design trends to your web page.


Image source: Google, Giphy.com

Video Source: YouTube