e-Diesel by Audi: Made with just Air & Water

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Audi-created-fuel-of future-from-air and water
In Partnership with a green tech company called SunFire, Audi has managed to create e-diesel using H2O and CO2 which simply refers to water and carbon dioxide. The development of fuel took place at an Audi research facility in Dresden, Germany. This development can be seen as a revolutionary step in the world of automobiles. The new fuel created is given the name “Blue Crude” which can either be mixed with regular diesel or can be used as a fuel in its own.

The Process: How e-diesel is Made

To make “Blue Fuel” water is first heated at high temperature of approximately 800 degrees Celsius to form steam which is then broken into pure Hydrogen and Oxygen. This process of converting breaking water into hydrogen and oxygen is powered by green energy such as solar or wind power. Carbon dioxide which is gathered from a Biogas plant is then mixed with hydrogen under very hot and high pressure conditions. This mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen results into a reaction that produces so called liquid “Blue Crude”. And lastly “Blue Crude” is further refined into fuel in a similar way fossil fuel is refined into gasoline. Thus a new revolutionary fuel is created that is ready to power your vehicle.


Tests have also shown that the end product can used by mixing it with fossil fuels or can be used as a fuel on its own. This synthetic fuel created is free from contaminants that occur in regular diesel. The efficiency of method used to produce the synthetic diesel if pretty high- about 70% claims the company. It is estimated that the plant located in Dresdan, Germany is set to produce 160 liters of e-diesel everyday with a probability of expansion in the coming months. The company is planning a price of between 1 and 1.2 euros per liter which is a bit expensive than current diesel prices in Europe.

Bonus: A Video Showing the production process.

Wrapping Up: E-diesel by Audi: Made with just air and water

It can be openly seen that Audi is making a crucial contribution to the society by giving us e-diesel the fuel of Future that is less contaminated and pollution free. But looking at the capacity of the plant and comparing it with present consumption of fuel, it is clear that Audi has a long way to go, before they make this commercially available to us.