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Mobile Phone usage today accounts for the most of the information searched on the Internet. The use of Mobile phones to search the internet has incredibly increased in the past few years. With the smart phone users which are nearly around quarter of the 4 billion mobile users around the Globe, it has become necessary for most businesses to optimize their content for mobile. Consumers are actively looking for their needs and wants on the Internet-using their mobile devices, making it necessary for every business to have Mobile presence.

Engage more customers with your mobile app

Mobile presence today is MUST for every business. If you have mobile presence, you are one step ahead of your Competition.If you don’t have Mobile presence your customers will find a business that has.  Mobile presence helps your business engage more customers, builds brand, retain customers and much more. Mobile presence means you need to be available on your costumers device, So that they can find you when ever they need to. This is possible only by having a mobile optimized site of your business and at the same time A MOBILE APP for your business. It also allows your current and potential customers to find you when they are actively looking for you, which is on their mobile device.



Mobile Apps are now an integral part of every business whether small businesses or large businesses. With the increasing importance of Mobile Usage, there is also a similarly incredible rise in the usage of Mobile Apps. You must have noticed that many businesses you interact with in your everyday life has a Mobile App dedicated to their business. Mobile Apps offer a fast and convenient way to access the information about your business. Building Your Mobile presence doesn’t necessarily mean only having a Mobile optimized site, it lays more emphasis on having a Mobile App for your business. A mobile optimized site is great, but A Mobile App will be Icing on the Cake.

  • Reach More Customers: Developing a Mobile App for your business helps you reach more customers as compared to a traditional website. Your mobile website brings more customers to you and your Mobile App is something that helps Keep those customers. Any Information they need about your product or services they are just a click away from that. A Mobile App is something that lives on your consumers device all the time, Whenever they look at your APP, your business strikes their mind.
  • Get Better Returns: A Mobile App provides your with better returns. A well-developed and marketed App will bring in more customers. leading to more downloads/installations. Once your App gets a good number of downloads, You can use App monetizing techniques such as in-app Advertising and so on and get better returns.
  • Showcase your product and services: Mobile Apps provides a great platform to showcase your products and services to your customers. You can continuously update your new product and services to your Mobile App and also by offering interesting offers and discounts to your Users. This will encourage them to visit you more often and also spread word-of-mouth for you.
  • Stay Ahead of Competition: A business with a Mobile App has a leverage over businesses without Mobile Apps. You will find plenty of businesses in your niche without a Mobile App, Thus it is High Time for you to take the leap ahead of your Competitors. Get mobilized know.
  • Build your brand: Your Mobile App is simply like a Sign or a logo that represents your business. You can make your sign or logo look stylish with attractive design and also make sure that your App is loaded with some features your customers will love. The more you keep your customers involved, the more they buy your products and services and spread word about you, thus help building your brand.

Importance of Mobile App Usage Compared to Mobile Browsing

A recent study conducted by Flurry Shows that Apps usage on smart phone is continuously growing as compared to mobile web. Some interesting stats :-

  • 2 hrs & 42 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2014 compared to 2 hrs & 38 minutes in 2013
  • Out of which 2 hrs 19 mins. is spent on Mobile Apps
  • Mobile web Usage has dropped from 20% in 2013 to 14% in 2014
  • Over 450000 Apps are installed on 1.3 billion devices worldwide.


In Conclusion

With the Mobile Industry booming at an incredible rate like it is now, It is most advisable for every business to have a Mobile App for their business in order to Build Your Presence and promote your products and services. Businesses having both a Mobile Website and Mobile App are way ahead of their competition. So, Build Your Presence by hiring a Professional Mobile App Developer to create an App for your Business.      

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