A Guide to Mobile Marketing For Businesses

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Mobile marketing has completely reformed the world of Marketing. With the rise and rise in the use of mobile devices, going mobile must be the ultimate focus of most businesses. Mobile marketing is no longer the future trend, it is scenario that should be considered or focused on presently. Approximately, with the average consumer spending nearly three hours on their mobile device per day, it is the best place for every business to get more engaged customers is via mobile.

Businesses are required to pay more attention on marketing their products and services via mobile and add mobile marketing as an important aspect to their marketing campaigns.

What is mobile marketing


In Simple words mobile marketing is any sort of marketing or advertising which is directed towards mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. The ultimate aim of mobile marketing is to reach their customers on their devices whenever they search for information using their smart devices.  

” If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry — your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.

“Jamie Turner 6osecondmarketer.com”

There are many advance mobile marketing technologies available today, but many businesses are still sitting on the sidelines using traditional techniques. In the past several years mobile marketing has became a main marketing tool for many businesses and they are taking full advantage of it. But if your business isn’t reaching customers through mobile-based marketing, you are missing out huge opportunities.

The following are some of the many flexible options available to marketers today, and new services are being developed all the time:


  • SMS/Text Marketing : Sending text messages to their customers can be extremely effective. Over 90% of the text messages are read within 3-5 minutes of being received, which means companies will have instant access to their customers.


  • Location based marketing : Almost every smart phone today have built in Global Positioning System, Which makes it possible for businesses to track their customer’s location. Thus businesses can send them customized messages based on their customer’s location and drive them to their stores and get additional sales.


  • Mobile Search : Most businesses today have optimized their Website for mobile. The use of mobile phones to search for information has incredibly increased over the years. People prefer businesses that are optimized for mobile search over those who have not optimized their site for mobile


  • Mobile Apps: The smartest way for businesses to live on their customers Device- A Mobile App. Many businesses has created their own apps which can be downloaded on smart phones. Apps provides businesses with an instant access to their customers. Brands can now present their products directly to customers through their apps and also build relationships with them.


When customers are regularly getting personalized special messages, relevant coupons and other information or entertainment from a brand, they will become more connected and therefore more loyal to that company. The business benefits from the ongoing purchases that these customers make, the information they can gather from the customers on how to improve their products or services as well as the free word of mouth marketing.

Without question, mobile marketing provides businesses with direct access to their customers in ways which weren’t possible earlier. Thus, Businesses practicing mobile marketing are best going to gain more customers and good market share.

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