8 Best Tools- Learn To Code: Coding For Beginners

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Are you a beginner in coding but you passionately want to learn to code and master itThen it is time to keep all your worries at bay because I have come up with 8 best resources that will certainly be of great help to you all.

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Let us begin exploring the best tools to learn coding.

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Codewars teaches you coding through Kata. You need to choose the language of your choice and challenge yourself on Kata. In this way, you can master the current language of your choice or learn the new one. Furthermore, you can solve the Kata with your coding style in the browser only. And can check it as well with the test cases as you progress. Kata gives you ranks and honor as you progress in your learning. And your challenge also increases with higher ranked Kata. It teaches you Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Java, Clojure, Haskell and CoffeeScript.


  • edx (Learn To Code)

edx is a product of Harvard University and MIT. It provides MOOC and is a great resource for online learning. edx programs include Data Science, Front End Web Developer, Software Development etc. Furthermore some of the popular courses are Microsoft Data Science Orientation, W3CX HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals, MITx Introduction To Computer Science And Programming, HKUStx Introduction To Java Programming, Microsoft Querying With Transact- SQl. edx  gives you great opportunity to stand out in your field.


GA Dash teaches you to code awesome websites through HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. With GA Dash you can learn the basics of web development through projects. HTML is the building block of the web hence GA Dash teaches you the correct way to do it. Learn CSS3 and create your first fully styled landing page with multi-column layouts and modern navigation elements and mobile responsive design. Learn JavaScript and create dynamic interfaces to surprise and delight your site’s visitors.


Codecademy teaches you to code through interactive learning. It is one of the best resource for a beginner. You can learn HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby and APIs.


Coursera is one of the best free online portals to learn coding. It offers a variety of popular courses from some of the best universities like the University Of Michigan Programming For Everybody, University Of Toronto Neural Network For Machine learning, John Hopkins University R Programming, the University Of Michigan Introduction To Data Science In Python,  Single Page Web Application From AngularJs etc.


Skills freeCodeCamp offers are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, Git and GitHub, Node.js, React.js, D3.js. Furthermore, it offers help from real-time community chat rooms. Which in turn gives you a chance to meet up with other coders in your city. Furthermore you g/et a chance to learn coding in your own pace, in your browser or on your phone. They offer interactive courses and tutorials. You will be able to assemble a portfolio of real apps used by real people.


  • Udemy ( Learn To Code)

Udemy offers both free and paid in-depth online courses to learn coding. Some of the popular courses are the Web Developer Boot Camp, The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, Complete Java Masterclass, Complete Python Boot Camp, Become Professional JavaScript Developer, Learn Git, Learn And Understand Node.js and few others.


The Odin Project offers you courses such as an Introduction To Web Development, Web Development 101, Ruby Programming, Ruby On Rails, HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. Furthermore, they help you in getting hired. Moreover, The Odin Project gives you a platform to learn coding simultaneously with other learners as well. They have a proven path to successfully learn Web Development.

Guys these are some of the best online tools or resources, carefully selected for all you beginners out there who diligently want to learn coding and excel in it as well.

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