5 Best Reminder Apps For Android In 2017

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Our complex life always makes us forget the things such as important things to do throughout the day. Due to which we may suffer a lot because of our carelessness. We are always in some kind of rush which results in so many things left behind results in forgetting things. Sometimes, We even forget our basic needs because We can’t remind it to take on exact time by which we suffer a lot. For overcoming these problems we going to introduce the Best Reminder Apps which helps you a lot to fulfill your goals and tasks in your life.
Best Reminder Apps

In today’s life, everyone has Mobile phones in his/her pocket but we didn’t use it for managing our time or for devoting the time for the particular needs. Today We will introduce 5 Best Reminder Apps for Android which you can use in 2017 by which you can easily manage daily tasks according to your needs and requirements.

BZ Reminders

WiBest Reminder App th BZ Reminders App, You can JUST REMEMBER EVERYTHING that you want to do, and improve your productivity! You can easily control all the tasks that are in your to-do list, and be sure that you will do them. It is one of the Best Reminder Apps The Bz reminder is the new update of the Previous reminder application name is Bzzz. It comes with some other advanced features Easy to use, straightforward reminder & to-do list app. this app specially made for those who want to set up tasks super quickly. You do not even have to takeBZ Reminder your phone out of your pocket, you can just set reminder right from your android wear a smart watch. Also, you can use it as notes app.

• Repeating / Recurring Tasks
• Customizable Widgets
• You can set a reminder every hour, for example, “drink water.” This can help you to drink more water and feel better
• ability to send a reminder.

• Minor issue with NovaLauncher

You can Visit here:- https://bzreminder.com/

Best Reminder Apps

Life Reminder

The App is SimBest Reminder Appsple can be called All-In-One Reminder app for Android to Never forget anything anymore with Life Reminders. This Life Reminder App is used by the person who has to do something at given time, Medicine to take at a certain hour, wants to send SMS to wish a happy Birthday, meetings, Send Emails to John Next week etc. This works like a Backbone of a body if you are lying in the category of above-mentioned needs that’s why this app name is life reminder. It is available in French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, German and of course, English which makes it very much compatible with different users of different Nations.


• Available in many different languages.
• Each Reminder can be set with separate Alert Tone or Talking Alarm.
• You can help by getting the donate version

• Life reminders MUST NOT be installed on the SD card.
• After Some period of installation, it may Sometimes don’t send a reminder.

You can also visit here:- http://www.lifereminders.eu/

Best Reminder Apps


Remind Me

Remind Me iBest Reminder Appss a simple to use productivity app with a Motto “Never Forget”. Truly the app never lets you forget your simple daily tasks like calling your close-ones, sending texts to friends, Sending out emails to colleagues, your Superiors, Subordinates, Waking up on time and more. The App focuses on these basic tasks with an idea that if a person is able to manage these simple tasks properly then there’s no room for other tasks to get left behind. The essence of this app is to simply let you set reminders once and bingo, the app will never let you forget.


• Centered towards Reminders
• Simple yet Unique UI
• Missed call reminders
• List Management
• Complete controls for Reminders
• Functionality is great


• Doesn’t Sync your data with other devices

You can visit here:- http://remind-me.pw/
Best Reminder Apps

aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks

Best Reminder AppsaCalendar Reminders App has two version. In the past, We only have a free version named as aCalendar – Android Calendar but recently it has come with the updated version named as aCalendar+ Calendar & Tasks. Basically, this app helps in maintaining schedule regarding meetings, emails, calls etc. Both versions are very much useful to use and help a lot in doing the daily works both professionally and unprofessionally.

(a)aCalendar – Android Calendar(Free)

It is the free version of this Reminder App it almost contains the All basic features which are important in one Reminder App but its paid version is much better than its free version includes several functions. I recommend using it for free before buying the updated or app.

(b)aCalendar+ Calendar(paid)

This is the premium version of aCalendar and It is one of the Best Reminder Apps which is used by many users. if you want to use it you have to pay for its download.
Let’s move further for the discussion of the aCalendar+ app which gives you many additional calendar features and your purchase supports further development and helps to protect the endangered Mountain Tapir. This App is translated into more than 30 languages, mostly by volunteers and it is optimized for speed and small memory footprint. now We Discuss the PROS and CONS for this app.


● intuitive navigation with smooth transitions
● day, week, month and year view
● Full-screen widgets
● flexible recurrences like every 3 weeks, every 17 days, or every Mon, Wed, and Fri
● 48 colors per calendar
● uses Android’s native calendar backend and synchronization
● no battery drain through polling and many others.


● Doesn’t Sync Outlook/Exchange Tasks.
● Sometimes Events keep disappearing

You can visit here:- http://www.tapirapps.de/en/home.htm

Best Reminder Apps

Google Keep

Next, comes GoogBest Reminder Appsle Keep, it is one of the Best Reminder Apps. This app set reminders for what you captured in your mind. And reminds you at the right place and right time. You can add notes, images, voice memos to Google keep and share them with your family and friends. The app also syncs all your data across all your devices, so that you can access them anywhere anytime. Another great feature, that distinguishes Google keep is that you can set location-based reminders.So that you can pull up your task at a specific location.


• Location Based Reminders
• Voice Command
• Syncing data with all devices
• Share notes with others
• Record Voice Memo and share


• Issues while sharing list
• Sometimes problems while syncing

You Can Visit here- https://support.google.com/keep/

Best Reminder Apps


If we missed Any of the Android App which you think is also good then please mention its name in the comments below. We will review them quickly for you. Thankyou.

  • athooya

    Check out also this birthday notification app developed with the Automagic automation app :


  • lily moran

    To Do Reminder is best reminder app, it helps you to remind daily tasks, taking medicines and even Birthday and Anniversaries of Friends and Family. Check app:

    • Joseph Chong

      Yes, very easy to use reminder app. I have been using ToDo Reminder for over a year, it reminds me everything. I can’t work without it.
      Don’t know why it’s not there on the list.

  • Marine Li

    Check also NearMinder: it’s the only app for contacts & location based reminders. It reminds you of things you have to do when you’re with people or at a specific location. Like other apps you can set a time, but the best is the location feature so you get your reminders exactly when you need them! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nearminder.nearminder

  • You can also check Buddygap: basically helps to set the reminder & automatically send birthday wishes through greeting cards, e-cards.

  • Vince

    Is there a reminder app that works very similar to Outlook reminders? In particular, I like the feature where a new reminder is repeated only when the last reminder has been acknowledged …. as opposed to repeating reminders even if the last one was not acknowledged.