5 Best Money Management Apps

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Most of us spend money on a whim like buying stuff when ever we are on a move or sitting surfing the internet. We don’t think too much before spending money, actually why should we think after all its our money. But we should always think of managing it. Managing money is not as simple as it looks, in my opinion it is I think the most trickiest thing to do. In the fast pace life its hard to keep up balance between our earnings and spending. With the increasing use of smartphones, all we need is a money management system in our smartphone that helps us keep track of our income and expanses in a smart way. So, Lets take a tour of some of the best money management apps that will help you keep a proper track on your pockets and purses.

A tour of Best Money Management Apps

If you search on the internet you will find plenty of apps that promises to manage you money. So, lets take a look at some of the best money management apps present.

unnamedMint: Mint is also quite popular when we talk about money management apps. Mint syncs with your bank accounts and pulls data from your account, credit card, loans and presents you with a perfect picture of your financial health. It automatically organizes your expanses and financial accounts thus creating a budget for you. Mint also allows to set reminders for future payments of bills in the form of email alerts or text alerts. You can also set up your financial goals like savings for trips, buying a car, buying a home etc. Additionally to setting up your financial goals, it also analyzes your spending habits thus helping you pinpoint areas where you can potentially save. We can probably say that it acts as you personal accountant.


  • Automatically categorize banking and credit card transactions
  • Get Bill alerts and reminders in form of email and text
  • Setting up financial goals like for a trip, buying new car etc.
  • See your financial picture in form of scores
  • See financial reports in form of charts and graphs

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Expensify-logoExpensify: Expensify is like a smart companion that will help you manage your expanses. The app offers both smartphone and web interface. It is quite possibly the best app for money management. Expensify offers a great set of features, it allows you to capture receipts, track your mileage  distance traveled  also links to your debit cards and credit cards to oversee your spending habits  thus help creates expanses report really quick and easy eliminating any sort of paper work. Expensify is designed such that it suits individual persons, business person, and small business also.


  • Easy Receipt Capture: Simply take a picture of your receipt
  • Automatic Receipt Scanning
  • Create and edit expenses on the go – in your car, at the airport, anywhere
  • Easy Syncing your credit or debit card with expensify
  • Worldwide Currency Support

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unnamed (1)

Level Money: Another one that make it to our top 5 list is level money. Level money will help you spend your none in a more disciplined way. Similar to Mint, Level money also pull in your income and spending from your bank accounts and prepares daily, weekly and monthly spending goals for you. The design of the app is very simple and you can easily see your current spendings and how much you can spend each week. Another interesting thing the app also comes with Android wear support, so you can see your finances on your wrist.


  • Android wear support
  • Personalize your spending and saving goals
  • See your transactions from all your bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Easy and simple user interface.

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unnamed (2)Good Budget: Good budget is definitely a name that comes to mind when we think on money management or personal finance management. Good budget is a great app when you think of preparing a budget based on your cash flow. What’s interesting is that, it has an envelope system and you can allocate some amount of cash to these envelopes per month, just like old days (sounds charming). Good budget is helps you prepare a budget of family as a whole and at the same time share it with all your family members across different devices.


  • Sync and share your family budget with all family members
  • Automatic and secured backup
  • Download transactions to CSV, Excell.

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: The last one to make to our list is Dollarbird. Dollarbird is a very simple to use and beautifully designed calender-based app that helps to manage all your expanses at your fingertips so that you can spend more wisely and smartly. You can easily add categories to Dollarbird based on your preferences. You can also schedule all your bills weekly, monthly and you will also get alerts whenever your bills are due for payments.


  • Simple to use. Calender-based interface
  • Set up recurring transactions, like your salary or rent, for easy planning of your cash flow.
  • Easily add your transactions
  • Set Reminders for all your payments

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Wrapping Up: 5 Best Money Management Apps

There a plenty of money management apps present on the internet. This was our quick tour of 5 Best money management apps that will help you keep a balanced budget so that you stay on track and sleep better at night. So, what you think of our picks for the best money management apps. Please let us know in the comments below.

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  • WhatsApp

    Personally I use this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ia.money.flow.app.gen

    Really simple for use and has everything I need to track money.

  • Michael Turk

    I haven’t tried most of the stuff on your list. But I recently downloaded this app called GrabPoints and so far I’m liking it. They have lots of offers in a day and the surveys aren’t long. Points given out are quite high and they’re fair about giving the points. Oddly enough they always give out points on their social media accounts too! hahaha! Anyway here’s my invite code: S6FMAC you get 50PTS right away for using it. If you download GRABPOINTS you get $1 just for signing up. You guys have to try it.

  • Cătălin

    I’m using an interesting app that also allows me to plan my incomes or expenses not just to keep a record of them. It’s called Financial Planning and it is free on Google play and I’m using it since 2014. I was shocked when I saw where my money are going and how I spend a lot of money on useless things each month.


  • Sohail

    Hey guys, I am using Expense Daily Free app for personal expense tracking. its pretty good and really easy to use. show the monthly reports and graphs and you can customize your reports based on your own needs. check it out


  • Julianne Roe

    Dollarbird needs to be the TOP OF THE LIST! Love that app! <3