Ultron : The Origin of Destruction “Avengers Age of Ultron”

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As the day’s are passing by and the release of the much anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming closer, the anticipation is growing about Ultron. Everyone around is guessing who or What is Ultron?? So, let’s have a look.

We all Remember, that climax of “The Avengers” where THOR’s evil brother LOKI and the ugly looking Chitauri’s just like their name, are defeated by our Superheroes “ TheAVENGERS” and saved our small beautiful world. But After looking at the teaser of the “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, what I can really say is the new Villain “Ultron” just looks Kick Ass and EVILLLL, and is set to splinter “The Avengers”, just as they look in the image.


Ultron was originally created as savior of the WORLD, but what went wrong and the savior ended up as a Threat to the Avengers and Mankind. Ultron looks really evil and it appears to us that “AVENGERS’ has to put in their best and save us from this Evil Robot Ultron. But a question “How “ULTRON” came into existence. Here are the three phases or versions we can say that describe his origin.


Dr. Hank’s Ultron

DR. Hank Pym is the original creator Ultron. We all remember Hank Pym as the Avenger’s Scientist aka Antman, created Ultron as a savior, but as usual something went wrong. Actually What happened is Hank Pym gave so much intelligence to Ultron that he became sentient and rebelled and started developing his fundamental design and upgrading into a more powerful demon. Ultron has the ability to control others and use them to upgrade his own strength. He also completely brainwashed Hank Pym that Ultron ever existed. This is where the “Age of ULTRON” began.

Ultron created Vision to destroy the Avengers, but eventually vision became one of the fellow members of “The Avenger” and went on to destroy his creator. But Ultron’s evil head managed to survive and remained live.

Dr. Doom’s Ultron

Ultron’s evil head was discovered by the evil Dr. Doom of  “The Fantastic Four”. Dr. Doom starts experimenting on the Ultron in a secret captivity and combines his existing personalities with new one, believing this new mix will make him more powerful and he can use him against “The Fantastic Four”. Dr. Doom gave a new body to Ultron, but somehow Ultron escapes Dr. Doom’s captivity and began spying on Avengers mansion. There he takes control of the Visions mind and uses him to become more powerful and also obtain a whole new Vibranium Body which makes him indestructible.

Tony Stark’s Ultron


NewYork was more or less destroyed during the Battle Between Loki’s evil army of Chitauri’s and The Avengers, so while cleaning us the mess S.H.I.E.L.D brings up a Chitauri’s remnant to Tony Stark for further analysis. As Mr. Star is free from the responsibility of being Iron Man at present He utilizes his sharp mind at this new project, but what he doesn’t realize is that Chitauri has an Evil mind of his own also, which he uses to corrupt Stark’s AI assistant Jarvis and gain access to all the data which it utilizes to become far more stronger than ever. Now after gaining all the knowledge and power’s he becomes a new powerful and indestructible “Ultron”, which is a real threat to Human race and hence The Avengers.

 Avenger’s Age of Ultron: What’s Coming your way

According to me, looking at the teasers, I can just say that the new villain ‘Ultron” look extremely dangerous and quite BIGGG…

While SHIELD is always ready for any threat to our planet, they don’t realize that one of the member of The Avenger’s Tony Stark while experimenting has unknowingly created a very powerful and evil “Ultron” who can possibly corrupt any computer network and gain control over machines, thereby raising his an army of his own to wipe out human race. Moreover, it may create differences between The Avengers Team itself, as it was the result of Tony Starks experiment. Ultron may have utilized Dr. Banner’s gamma radiation technique to gain new powers. Not only The Avengers have to fight the Ultron, but also to fight their inner demons and unite as a team once again to save Mankind. But remember these are just speculations, we have to wait until the movie goes live.

But remember these are just speculations as fictious as these Sci-Fi Movies are. JUST WAIT AND WATCH.

Bonus: Avenger: Avengers: Age of Ultron – Teaser 3