Sundar Pichai is Google’s New Boss under

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Google as we know about, from more than a decade is going to change. As per the official announcement from Larry Page, He is leaving google & making a new company called “Alphabet” currently running on domain name called So Google(A slimmed down version) & a bunch of other companies in the fields of Telecom, Network, Research and Home Automation are leaving Google with Larry Page & Sergey Brin. All of that will be going under one large Umbrella company, Alphabet which will be run by the Google Duo.

Sundar Pichai new Google CEO

Our creative team came up with above image for Sundar Pichai visualized as King Xerxes , Hope Mr Pichai like it!

Google with its core business & products will run under the most trusted person of the Duo, Sundar Pichai. The guys is born in Chennai, India and graduated from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Also, own Master degrees from Stanford & Wharton School of Pennsylvania University. He joined Google in 2004 ran many product management & innovation projects. He is responsible for products like Chrome, Android & Chromebooks which are part of daily lives of most us. He is very well know in the tech sector & if anyone does not know about him, I would suggest watch the below video by Verge. You will not only know about him but also what he thinks about tech & future of Google.

This move by Google seems to be appreciated all over the world, especially by Wall Street as Google have see around 5% increase in the share value. Google still be trading with same names in the stock market and will be holding below branches of Google under the guidance of Sundar Pichai:

  • Google Search Business
  • Google Advertising Business(Adwords & Adsense)
  • Google Chrome
  • ChromeOS & Chrome Books
  • Android & App Development
  • Youtube & Photos

All of that???!!!, Yeah everything we use in our daily lives. And what would you think will go under the new Alphabet Inc? Here is the list of things:

  • Google Capital & Google Ventures
  • Google Nest
  • Calico Life Sciences
  • GoogleX, The research & development arm

So, in a single go you can say that All the stuff which makes Google Billions of Dollars will be run by Sundar Pichai & Everything which is new & innovative willbe run by Larry page with Sergey Brin. As per NBC News, Sundar Pichai may have some offer from elsewhere for a bigger position just like Hugo Barra, one of the other important executives of Google moved to Xiaomi of China for a better position and cash. So the best bet to retain an important executive is to make him the chief executive. As per Larry page, The reasons to do so are:

  • Getting more ambitious things done.
  • Taking the long-term view.
  • Empowering great entrepreneurs and companies to flourish.
  • Investing at the scale of the opportunities and resources we see.
  • Improving the transparency and oversight of what we’re doing.
  • Making Google even better through greater focus.
  • And hopefully… as a result of all this, improving the lives of as many people as we can.

Whats the real reason for such a big change, No one knows but we know one thing for sure that Google or Alphabet will be bringing more wonderful & crazy things for us in the future. Where on the same time, Mr Sundar Pichai can continue to bring the best of the Google Products to the daily user. What do you think? Comments are open!