One-Shot – The creative & Foldable Bicycle

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Do you love cycling & even want to carry your cycle while you are going somewhere out from your house for picnic. One-Shot Bicycle is the best solution; it is small enough that you can carry with you. It’s a kind of foldable bike that can be easily transform and transport anywhere.oneshot3

It use the same concept as Swiss Army Knife that all the component parallel to one another when closed and when it is expanded it is revealed into many different components. With its compact handlebars that make it easy to steer the bikes as you required like all other types of bikes. It’s a conceptual design invented by Valentina Vecchia and Manilena Alberga


Design Features


It’s a perfect bike for every type of cyclist, based on the fixed-belt. We can say it’s a best for all of the growing community should tout as a real world solution for compact urban environment and a convenient access to bicycle for all city based residents. Here are the design features of the One-Shot Bike:Print



Proper Utilization of the storage Space – Its design reduce city space occupation, we can park two or three foldable bikes, instead of space taken by one normal bike. It is a solution for tourists for access of efficient transportation. It is best solution for the proper utilization of the space

Portability – It’s a functional bike which can be used for public transport and can be stored at any place.

Versatile Design – The main design features is the use of hinge that connects both the wheels, which release the seat, pedals and handle when the wheels are split into parts